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Big Rep 3D Printer - One

  • Winner of the German Design Award 2016
  • The Most Advanced Large Scale 3D Printing Experience
  • The new BigRep ONE v3 features a build volume of X 1005 mm x Y 1005 mm x Z 1005 mm.
  • The open format ensures that the user has the best possible view for monitoring the quality and progress of the object at all times. 
  • All moving parts have been enclosed for user safety and to reduce contamination. 
  • The modular print heads operate independently, allowing for unbeatable flexibility when printing in two colors or with water soluble support material (PVA).
  • The heated print bed provides optimal adhesion in the printing process right from the onset. 
  • The spool holder was designed to fit all standard spool sizes. It can hold several spools up to 8 kg. 
  • New intuitive user interface on touch panel PC, enabling lots of new features as remote load and check print


The driving force behind the BigRep ONE hasn’t changed: make large-scale 3D printing affordable and available to more users. To achieve the best possible conditions for printing large objects a lot of new features are being introduced.

To achieve the best possible conditions for printing large objects, a lot of new features have been introduced to the latest version of the BigRep ONE large-scale 3D printer.

The modular print heads have been completely redesigned, in combination with a larger flexible spool holder, this provides the ideal 3D printer for manufacturing large-scale objects.

Our optional New Power Extruder with 0.6, 1 and 2 mm nozzles can print 60% quicker making the BigRep ONE one of the fastest large-scale 3D printers on the market. The 0.6 mm nozzle brings you the most detailed and precise BigRep ONE prints to date.

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