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Big Rep 3D Printer - Studio

  • Large build volume (500 mm x 1000 mm x 500 mm)
  • Print speed of up to 140 mm/s at layer height 0.1 mm
  • Acceleration for travel moves up to 1000mm/s²
  • Single and dual extruder configuration, with a direct all metal hot-end for printing with flexible materials!
  • New user-friendly interface (GUI) with new features
  • Resume print after power failure
  • Remote load, control and monitor prints from external device via webcam!
  • Optimised for Simplify3D (factory files included, also compatible with Cura and Slic3r)


With the BigRep Studio, we introduce a new dimension of large-scale 3D printing. The print volume of 500mm x 1000mm x 500mm provides space for large objects, while also enabling high precision and faster printing. The size of the BigRep Studio is optimal for setting up the printer in almost every location.

A direct-drive extruder with a 0.6mm nozzle is optimized for both speed and precision,capable of printing flexible materials. The all-metal hot-end allows the printing of a larger variety of high temperature filaments.

The all new BigRep Studio fits through a standard home door by disassembling the two halves of the machine, or through a standard office door fully assembled. Its reduced weight allows for easier transport and installation.

New intuitive user interface on multi touch enabled screen, enabling lots of new features as remote load and check print progress via webcam, resume print after power failure and many more.

The print bed is raised for an ergonomic working height, at the same time creating filament storage space. Closed side-wall housing for increased safety in educational environments, filament guides inside the machine and fully opening sliding doors for best access to the print bed.

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