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07 3D Printing Posts

3D Print Filament Material
3D Print Filament MaterialCONGRATULATIONS! You have joined the world of FDM 3DPrinting and you are all excited to get printing.  Well just hold on there a second.  We need to have a little chat about FDMFilament.  By now you’ve p....
Making 3D Textures from Images
Turn images into 3D geometry with brand new SOLIDWORKS 3D Textures Feature
3D Printing Around the Home
Recently it’s becoming more and more evident that 3D printing is a game changer for most industries' design process. Cutting edge technology is making it possible to improve early prototypes, reducing turnaround time and decreasing the reliance on of...
Halloween Cookie Cutter
Taking advantage of the food safe properties of PLA, we created a spooky bat shaped cookie cutter. I've come to realize that Halloween, like most seasonal holidays, is really an elaborate excuse to eat too much food. Rather than going trick and treat...
The Inside Story Of A Placement Student - Week 3
University Of Cambridge student Jonathan Pawson updates us on his placement progress with Solid Solutions. Week 3
Incubator Design in SOLIDWORKS
Loughborough Design Student James Roberts wins James Dyson Award and secures contract with Morgan Innovation and Technology allowing them to further develop and manufacture his portable baby incubator ‘mOm’.
The inside story of a placement story - Week 2. jo
Jonathan Pawson, an Engineering student at Cambridge University tells us what he has been up to during his 4 week placement with Solid Solutions.Week 2The finished prototype 3D Printed
Solid Solutions Internal CAD Modelling Challenge
How would you design a low cost, easily manufacturable stand for your iPhone that allows it to be inclined on your desk? There are plenty of phone stands currently on the market but we were looking for a fresh idea, suitable for manufacture on our 3D...
Why Encourage CAD in Schools?
A recent Ofsted report on the teaching of design and technology has claimed that too many subject teachers are failing to keep pace with global technological advances and making too little use of modern technology. It stated that ‘Where the subject w...
3D printing Jigs and Fixtures
I spent some time recently walking around town trying to get a battery replaced in my watch. After the fourth jewellers shop failed to remove the back was resided to sending it back to the manufacturer for repair. That was until I walked past the 3d ...
Lotto Machine Optimisation with Flow Simulation
Here is a fun example of how SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation can help you make good design decisions - and possibly improve your chances of winning at Lotto!
Preparing SOLIDWORKS Models for 3D Printing
3D printing is a topic that’s in the forefront every designer and engineers mind nowadays. The ever increasing array of technologies and cost effective solutions available on the market, mean that the option to use prototyping equipment to prove a de...
3D Printing from SOLIDWORKS
During this webcast you will discover how with SOLIDWORKS 2015 and Windows 8.1 you can print directly to a 3D printer from within the SOLIDWORKS user environment.
Modern Pumpkin Carving
Mixing pumpkin carving with modern technology. We use 3D printing to create a contemporary jack-o'-lantern.
Branding a Coffee
Following the arrival of our new coffee machine, we decided to design a SOLIDWORKS Model and use our Makerbot 3D Printer to add our logo to our cappuccinos. This Blog explains how.