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Thursday December 3, 2009 at 9:21pm
Following the Solid Solutions’ SOLIDWORKS 2010 Launch days, there has been huge interest in 3DVIA Composer. This is the tool which allows you to create graphical content for all of your Technical and Marketing Documentation directly from your 3D CAD data and when the design changes, the graphical content updates accordingly. This link to the original CAD means that the technical documentation (used for anything from assembly instructions to user manuals to marketing) can be started at a much earlier stage in the development cycle and will always be accurate to the latest design.
Take a look at 3DVIA Composer in action...

Further to this, 3DVIA have launched a free 3DVIA Plug in to Adobe Photoshop. This allows you to open a 3D Model onto a 3D Layer in Adobe Photoshop and position and rotate it to suit your graphics. This is a great enhancement and completely free to get you started with some professional technical documentation techniques. It will soon be available to run on a Mac too...

Also, the latest version of 3DVIA Composer has a brand new interface with a CommandManager and a context shortcut toolbar (similar to the S key in SOLIDWORKS). To have a look at the latest version, give us a call on 01926 623160.

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