Blog Posts: March 2015

PhotoView 360 Luxology Appearances
A great feature added back in SOLIDWORKS 2013 was the ability to use Luxology native appearances for PhotoView 360. This enables SOLIDWORKS users to make use of the huge range of additional appearances in Luxology’s online library.
PhotoView 360 Render Region
In PhotoView 360, you can define a region of the SOLIDWORKS graphics area for rendering. Using this render region, you can limit the rendering in the integrated preview, the preview window, or the final rendering to the area of the render region. Thi...
Photoview 360 Basic Settings
When getting started with PhotoView 360, setting your render options can seem like a bewildering task. Here are a few tips and explanations to get you started.
Simulate the Solar Eclipse with SOLIDWORKS!
Last week there was a cosmic conjunction in my thinking! The partial solar eclipse in the UK coincided with my son needing help with his "Gravitational Field Theory". Could SOLIDWORKS help me understand both?
Customising SOLIDWORKS Electrical
Explore the tools available in SOLIDWORKS Electrical to customise your projects such as adding your own symbols, manufacturer references and schematic configurations.
Convert SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematics to 3D
Learn how to use SOLIDWORKS Electrical schematics information in SOLIDWORKS Electrical 3D, by leveraging the from-to list data to create 3D SOLIDWORKS assemblies.
SOLIDWORKS Student Access 2014-15
Take a look at this document to find out more information about SOLIDWORKS Student Access and Educational Versions.Are you a student who wants to explore an easy to use CAD package for use in university/college projects? Or are you an academic tutor ....
An Overview of eDrawings Professional
This webcast will give you a 20 minute over view of eDrawings Professional, which builds on the standard functionality of the eDrawings viewer with additional capabilities for measure, mark-up and cross section.
SOLIDWORKS Journal File (Auto Recover)
Take a look at this technical document on troubleshooting common problems with the SOLIDWORKS Journal File and Auto-Recover errors.This technical document covers;- Some basic functions of the journal file, it's location and the data it records- Commo....
An Overview of eDrawings Viewer
SOLIDWORKS eDrawings is the simplest way to share data across multiple CAD environments. Join us for this webcast and discover how anyone with a PC can interact with both 2D and 3D SOLIDWORKS data. eDrawings also allows you to view AutoCAD DWG and DX...
Favourite Materials
If applying a range of specific materials to your models is something you have to do regularly then the materials favourites bar is something you need to be using.
Installation Repair
If you encounter problems with an installed SOLIDWORKS product, you can use the SOLIDWORKS Installation Manager to repair the installation.
Toolbox Application
Creating new or modifying existing toolbox parts is a very common activity in SOLIDWORKS, however until recently I have never used the toolbox application to do this. Previously I have created my new custom toolbox parts from within SOLIDWORKS by sim...
Introducing SOLIDWORKS Treehouse
Join Steve for this webcast and learn how to set-up your file structures using a graphical user interface before you start building models in SOLIDWORKS. SOLIDWORKS Treehouse is new for 2015 it will help speed up the process of defining your assembly...
3D Printing from SOLIDWORKS
During this webcast you will discover how with SOLIDWORKS 2015 and Windows 8.1 you can print directly to a 3D printer from within the SOLIDWORKS user environment.
New solver in SOLIDWORKS 2015 is over 40% quicker!
The new “Intel Direct Sparse” solver was an enhancement that didn’t receive much attention at the 2015 launch event this year, but running some in-house tests has shown this new solver is over 40% faster than the standard Direct Sparse.

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