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Blog Posts: April 2015

How to Create Joinery & Furniture Cut Lists
An overview of the tools & functionality available to get information about our designs out of SOLIDWORKS – Cut lists & BOMS
Modelling Bespoke Furniture
A quick look at the typical workflows used by our customers in the furniture industry to create the CAD Data for their designs.
Preparing SOLIDWORKS Models for 3D Printing
3D printing is a topic that’s in the forefront every designer and engineers mind nowadays. The ever increasing array of technologies and cost effective solutions available on the market, mean that the option to use prototyping equipment to prove a de...
How to Model and Ironman Helmet in SOLIDWORKS
Using the IronMan helmet as a fun example we explore how complex shapes can be developed and the differences between solid & surface modelling techniques.
University CSWP Accreditation Training Program
SOLIDWORKS Certifications are viewed as the benchmark in measuring a users knowledge and competency in being able to use SOLIDWORKS under pressure. Within Education the CSWA (Certified SOLIDWORKS Associate) examination has been viewed as the standard....
Grouping Annotations
You can select multiple annotations in a drawing and group them so they move together when you drag them. Ungroup annotations so they move independently.
Assembly, Hide/Show Components
In the graphics area, you can press Tab and Shift + Tab to hide and show components of an assembly. This becomes very helpful when you have many small components getting in your way like the model shown below.
Status Bar
The status bar at the bottom of the SOLIDWORKS window provides information related to the function you are currently performing.
Recent Commands
If you use the same command over and over again, then this quick tip is one for you. The last ten unique commands are available in a command history. The most recent command is at the top of the list.
A Definitive Guide to Assembly Patterns
The assembly environment has an established tool set for creating and managing component patterns. Learn how to use the basic tools and some of the more complex chain component patterns to simulate roller chains, energy chains and power transmission ...
A Definitive Guide to Part Patterns
Linear, circular, mirror, curve driven, sketch driven, table driven, fill, variable and cosmetic patterns are the types of patterning tools available to you within the part environment. Join us and learn how and when to use these different types of p...
Complex Shapes & Surfaces for Beginners
SOLIDWORKS has a powerful and well established toolset for creating complex shapes and surfaces. Learn how to use some of the core features for creating complex geometry such as lofts, sweeps and the solid/ surface boundary tools.
SOLIDWORKS Model Based Definition (MBD) Overview
SOLIDWORKS MBD is an integrated drawingless manufacturing solution for SOLIDWORKS. It helps companies define, organise, and publish 3D Product Manufacturing Information (PMI) including 3D model data in industry standard file formats such as 3D PDF an...