Blog Posts: May 2015

A Definitive Guide to Assembly Mates
During this webcast Kevin will touch on some of the basic mating operations. However more focus and emphasis will be placed on best practices for mates, FAQ’s and some of the options available within the property manager for different types of mates.
A Definitive Guide to Assembly Features
What are assembly features? When would you use them over part features? How can I control the behavior of these features? What is the Feature Scope? All of these questions and more will be covered with the help of examples during this webcast.
Move Sketch
Moving sketches while in edit sketch mode is not always the easiest of things to do, particularly if your sketch is under defined.You can use the move entities command, but this doesn't always snap to your desired location.However there is another me...
Copy Surface
Copying a surface can be very useful when you want to build in context relationships between parts. Particularly when you are dealing with difficult imported geometry, such as STEP or IGES files with thousands of surfaces.But how do we do it if there...
How to install the SNL Manager
Learn how to install, activate, modify and upgrade the SOLIDWORKS Network License Manager.
SOLIDWORKS Motion Contact - Golf Course
This is a fun model to show off the power of motion analysis, which is a product inside SOLIDWORKS Premium.
SOLIDWORKS Inspection Professional
SOLIDWORKS Inspection helps simplify the process of creating inspection documents and performing in-process or receiving inspection. Discover how Inspection Professional allows you to input measured dimensions directly into your reports.
Create Interactive Webpages with SOLIDWORKS Compos
Discover how to make interactive online parts lists and service instructions to help revolutionise your product communication. During this webcast Alan will also explain how to embed this content onto your website.
Publish Your Design with SOLIDWORKS Composer
Discover the various methods for publishing your designs from within SOLIDWORKS Composer including, High Resolutions Images, Technical Illustrations, Interactive Office Documents and Videos.
Southern Training Centre Update
It was about time that we got some shiny new things for all our customers to improve the facilities in our Fareham training centre. See how we have improved our office using SOLIDWORKS and Keyshot to visualise alternative room layouts.
A Definitive Guide to Dimensions & Tolerances
There are several methods available to you for adding dimensions to your drawings. Should you be using Model “Driving” Dimensions or Reference “Driven” Dimensions? How can you automatically add dimensions on view creation and how can you get the most...
A Definitive Guide to Drawing Views
Join us for this comprehensive look into drawing views. During this webcast Simon will show you how to create a selection of standard and derived drawing views whilst demonstrating a selection of neat tips and tricks to ensure you end up with a full ...

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