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Blog Posts: June 2015

Clean out your SOLIDWORKS Data folders
The SOLIDWORKS Data folder is key to your use of the Hole Wizard and Toolbox Features within the software. When you install SOLIDWORKS you are asked where you would like the SOLIDWORKS Data folder to be stored with the default being the root of your ....
Announcing the New 3D ContentCentral
3DContentCentral is a great online resource allowing you to take advantage of a vast library of SOLIDWORKS CAD models and Macros (applications). You can choose to download supplier parts, or more recreational items, as well as opening account to uplo....
Understanding References in Enterprise PDM
This webcast focuses on File References and user defined references to give user a better understanding of reference behavior within Enterprise PDM.
National Women in Engineering Day
Today is National Women in Engineering Day and to celebrate, Solid Solutions would like to share the stories of some of their team members.
A Definitive Guide to the Toolbox
Toolbox is a library of nuts, bolts and fasteners. It allows you to select from a range of international standards, pick the type of part you want and then simply drag the component into your assembly! Join us for this webcast where Paul will give an...
A Definitive Guide to the Hole Wizard
You can use the Hole Wizard to create customised holes of various types. In this webcast, Paul will be showing the use of the hole wizard in a number of ways available to users and show the customisation that is available.
Notes Library
In SOLIDWORKS we have a toolbox library, materials library and appearances library, one library we don't have is a annotations library. This can easily be rectified allowing you to create an extensive catalogue of frequently used annotations, notes, ...
Colour Drawing HLR HLV View
In an assembly, it can be quite useful to have different parts shown in different colours. Whether that be to differentiate between parts, to display final colour or to indicate whether a part has been purchased or not.This is easy in an assembly, bu...
Advanced Angle Dimensions
When sketching, on occasion you may want to add an angle dimension and use a horizontal or vertical sketch line to reference from, but what do you do if none are nearby? In SOLIDWORKS 2015 you now have the ability to dimension between a line and an i...
Foreshortened Dimensions On Section Views
Adding foreshortened dimensions are nice and easy, but what about adding foreshortened diameter dimensions to a Detail View of a section? Not so easy, or is it?
A Definitive Guide to Assembly Configurations
How can configurations be used in assembly mode? How will the configured Assembly show in my BOM? What are the best practices for using configured assemblies? for All these questions and more will be covered during this webcast.
A Definitive Guide to Part Configurations
During this webcast, Richard will cover an overview for the main options when creating part configurations. However there will be a greater emphasis upon the more advanced configuration functionality including design tables and the configuration publ...
Instability and Crashes Explained
Are you experiencing random computer crashes or system lock-ups? Are you having instability with SOLIDWORKS? Are you looking to get these issues resolved as quickly and effectively as possible whilst understanding why these issues occur?This technica....
Flow Simulation Tips & Tricks
SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation is a feature rich computational fluid dynamics (CFD) tool that can be used to simulate a wide range of liquid, gas and heat transfer problems. webcast is intended for existing Flow users and will cover a variety of less wel...
SOLIDShots - Super fast tips and tricks for your c
SOLIDShots are free SOLIDWORKS Quick Tip Videos from our Elite Application Engineers here at Solid Solutions
Introducing SOLIDWORKS Simulation Standard
Simulation Standard is a new package of Simulation tools from SOLIDWORKS that enable engineers and designers to test their parts and assemblies, not only for strength and stiffness, but now also for FATIGUE failure (repeated cycling loading) and rigi...