Blog Posts: July 2015

A Brief guide to Simulation results and Reports
Generating high quality results and reported outputs is the key to communicating your analysis results- there are many formats available so learn some of the options and how best to extract key results.
Curvature in SOLIDWORKS
Today’s products are deceptively simple and minimalist in form. Take mobile phones and tablets as examples, they look like a filleted cuboids – however looks can be deceptive.
SOLIDWORKS Simulation 101
SOLIDWORKS simulation can be a powerful means of validating your designs. Discover the general processes and tips to get the best results in the most efficient time.
Windows Update Causing Issues with SOLIDWORK
Important information about a recent Windows Update that causes problems when upgrading or installing SOLIDWORKS.
Using an Input Formula in EnterprisePDM
SOLIDWORKS EnterprisePDM DataCards for Files, Folders and Searching all support Input Formula that allow for text substitution, manipulation and mathematical calculations. This blog will discuss an example of String Manipulation that resulted from a ...
Sheet Metal 101
This webinar introduces some of the basic features of the Sheet metal functionality in SOLIDWORKS.
Creating Exploded Views and Animations in SOLIDWOR
Exploded Views and Animated outputs are a great way to communicate your designs to colleagues and prospective customers- learn the basics to create high quality video outputs from SOLIDWORKS
Creating Your Own Units in Flow
Flow Simulation comes with a comprehensive set of units but did you know you can create your own? This blog describes how to plot KPa as well as Pa for a pressure result.
Linking SVGs in Composer
SVGs are an exceptionally useful and versatile export option from SOLIDWORKS Composer. This blog explains the process required to export, link and prepare the files for uploading.
Certified SOLIDWORKS Associate Age 16!
A big congratulations to Alexander Rogers for passing the SOLIDWORKS Associate exam after being on a school work placement with us for only one week!
Managing EPDM Upgrades
EPDM upgrades should be managed in a structured way as many clients can be affected. Discover how to prepare and roll out the upgrade with minimal downtime.
Troubleshooting Tips & Tricks
There are some great resources out there for SOLIDWORKS support, but also there are a number of things you can do in preparation to help our support team diagnose problems faster
Embedding Composer Player in Microsoft Office
After creating a project in SOLIDWORKS Composer, how can you portray the details to clients in a meeting? With Microsoft Office you can directly embed the file directly into your document.
Creating Cable/Harness Drawings in Electrical
Learn the best method of creating cable and harness drawings in SOLIDWORKS Electrical
Creating New Parts & Symbols in Electrical
Learn how to use SOLIDWORKS Electrical to create libraries of new parts and symbols ready for your schematic layouts

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