Blog Posts: September 2016

Robot Wars – Design your own robot with SOLIDWORKS
Robot wars returned this year to the BBC with great excitement and destruction. See how you could use SOLIDWORKS to design your own Robot in this Blog.
SOLIDWORKS Home Improvements Webcast
Ever thought about making those home improvements but didn’t want to employ that architect or interior designer, well why not use your SOLIDWORKS skills to get creative and visualise your ideas. Join us for Part 1 of 2 as we build a home from a set o...
Earthquake analysis with SOLIDWORKS Dynamics
SOLIDWORKS Simulation (dynamics) can help us predict the effects from earthquakes, the resultant stresses and displacement ultimately show us whether the structure is fit for purpose. We will look at how to use the response spectrum analysis within a...
The link between SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation and SO
Taking the data collected from SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation we will process that into an FEA study to see what stresses can appear from the results obtained from the Flow Simulation.
SOLIDWORKS PCB – Effectively using Design Rules
A webcast reviewing the use of Design Rules within SOLIDWORKS PCB. If used correctly, you can save time by setting up the rules which then help drive the creation of your PCBs. These rules can also be exported out for reuse in other projects.
Series 1 Land Rover pedal car made easy with Solid
The Series1 began production in 1948 designed to help get Britain farming after the war effort. It grew extremely popular and today enthusiasts are prepared to throw their life savings at restoring originals from that period.
SOLIDWORKS PCB – Templates & Libraries
One of the first tasks with the software is setup; this webcast reviews the creation and reuse of schematic templates, as well as the creation of schematic and PCB libraries within SOLIDWORKS PCB.
Visualize Auto Animation
There are a few different animating tools within Visualize Professional but in this blog we will use the watch to illustrate the power of the automatic rotation animations, a method of doing quick and easy rotation animations with little effort.

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