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Blog Posts: July 2018

SOLIDWORKS Furniture Workflow Introduction
This videois the first in the SOLIDWORKS Furniture Series and introduces the Workflowsthat are available to SOLIDWORKS users who are in the ‘Furniture’ Industry.Initially we will explain some of the typical challenges faced in this indust....
SOLIDWORKS Furniture Getting Started
 ‘GettingStarted’ is the second video in the SOLIDWORKS Furniture Series. At this pointyou should have an idea of the Workflow you are going to employ and this videohelps you turn that thought in to action. There are two goals: ....
SOLIDWORKS Online Licensing
Elite Applications Engineer Adam Hartles introduces the new SOLIDWORKS Online Licensing options.
Introduction to SOLIDWORKS Admin Portal
SOLIDWORKS Admin Portal (new in June 2018) is a web based administration tool that will allow you to keep a high level overview of your SOLIDWORKS assets. Within this webcast we shall introduce the portal and how you can register for access. Specific...
Customising SOLIDWORKS Interface
CUSTOMIZE THE LOOK OF SOLIDWORKS - Whilst the default SOLIDWORKS interface is completely functional it is possible to adjust it to suit your needs. The interface is highly customisable this webcast will cover how to adjust command positions, interfac...
Shortcuts are hugely beneficial when it comes to modelling more efficiently. By taking the time to learn and customise shortcuts you can cut down on the time it takes to carry out virtually any task in SOLIDWORKS. This webcast will aim to cover the m...