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What's New in SOLIDWORKS 2013 | 3D Design Simplified

SOLIDWORKS 2013 the 21st release of SOLIDWORKS is a great release for all and has been developed around the following pillars: New products and design tools | Faster modelling | Enhanced collaboration | Simplify your product development | Make you more productive.

01 - SOLIDWORKS Plastics

Swept cut assembly features, Enhanced plastic moulding boss, Powerful mesher, Comprehensive material database, Injection moulding simulation, Family mould layout

02 - SOLIDWORKS Sustainability

Financial impact factor, TRACI Methodology, Environmental impact of painted parts, Export sustainability results, API support

03 - Flow Evenly Spaced Streamlines

Lightning fast streamline visualisation with stunning detail

04 - Costing Multibody

Evaluate the cost of multibody parts, Evaluate the cost of one body in a multibody part

05 - Costing Machining

Estimate the cost of turned parts, Modify the costing template for turned parts

06 - SOLIDWORKS Electrical

Extensive library, Multi-line schematic diagrams, PLC management, Powerful report capabilities, Improved collaboration between ECAD and MCAD, Automatic wiring, Ribbon cable

07 - Part Reviewer

SOLIDWORKS Part Reviewer enhancements

08 - Varying Dimension Pattern

Vary and increment any dimension of a pattern or features being patterned

09 - Interference Detection

Exclude components, Filter cosmetic threads

10 - Hole Wizard and Cosmetic Threads

Enhancement for inserting cosmetic threads, dowel holes, dowel pin holes and drawings

11 - Conics

Create smooth curves that are easy to tailor to your needs

12 - Detailing

Break lines on dimensions, text under a GD&T on a GTOL, Centre marks and centrelines assigned to a layer within document properties, Add to baseline, Layer drop down box

13 - Balloons

File name or part number in balloons, Balloon re-sequencing for existing balloons and newly added balloons

14 - Intersect

Intersect tool - create geometry from solids, surfaces or planes

15 - Section View Assist

Improved section tool user interface

16 - Weldment Bounding Box

Support for mulit-body library features, Automatic and associative calculation of cut list properties for non-structural members

17 - Configurations

Improved design table, Ability to set material, Multiple explode per configuration

18 - Multiple Thin Extrude

Extrude multiple thin contours, RMB feature direction options, Equations in property editors, Global variable units

19 - Sheet Metal

Multibody sheet metal parts, Bend lines and bend notes improvements, Forming tool insertion point

20 - Saving Views

Save individual drawing views to DXF/DWG, Convert views to sketch or blocks

21 - CircuitWorks

ECAD files import enhancements, Modelling improvements

22 - Piping Tubing

2D slope, Auto route along existing geometry, P&ID support for tubing, Tube drawing

23 - Simulation Submodeling

Sub-modelling incremental meshing, Auto-bending of shell edges

24 - Speedpak Enhancements

Update Speedpak at top level, Mated Speedpak creation at top level, Graphics Speedpak at top level, Improved Speedpak drawing support

25 - Performance Improvements

Performance improvements for graphics, configuration switching and drawing view updates

26 - CAD Admin Dashboard

Easily monitor and review SOLIDWORKS machines for issues like inconsistent settings, driver incompatibility and performance problems

27 - User Experience 1

Sketch with dimensions, Options search, Sounds, Orientation improvements, View selector

28 - Assembly Delighters

Deleting components from subassemblies, Enhanced folders, Multi-select when inserting components, Quick picks for parts/assemblies/drawings in file open

29 - User Experience 2

Favourites folder, Flat feature tree view, Direction 2 RMB support, Fillet edge selector, Customisation improvements for the shortcut bar, Centre of mass visualisation for parts

30 - Appearances and PhotoView

Texture scale option, Pin filter for appearances, Copy and paste appearances, New materials, Luxology material database access for subscription users, Image processing

31 - Simulation Design Studies

Factor of safety sensors, Material selection in design studies

32 - Push Install Uninstall

Remotely deploy SOLIDWORKS installations with incredible flexibility and ease

33 - 3DVIA Composer New Features

3DVIA Composer improvements

34 - EPDM

Updated workflow editor and notification editor, Recently used list, Parallel Workflow transitions, User information pop-up, Version free variables, Windows explorer favourites

35 - eDrawings Markup in Drawings

View eDrawings markup saved in SOLIDWORKS drawing file, Insert eDrawings markup file into SOLIDWORKS drawings

36 - Previous Release Interoperability

Previous release interoperability

37 - Mirror Components

Mirror components