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What is the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform?

The 3DEXPERIENCE Platform is a business platform available in the public cloud (on premise, public or private) that enables SOLIDWORKS users to create their 3D designs, product analysis and simulation with remote access and in a collaborative environment.

With the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform you can bring together all aspects of your business on a single cloud-based platform to increase collaboration, improve execution and accelerate innovation.

It enables CAD design professionals and engineers who want to easily share file types and all other aspects of their product development, to work remotely and without constraints. You can collaborate with your teams in real-time from any device, connect with customers and suppliers, and track each stage of your product lifecycle. 

How does the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform work?

The 3DEXPERIENCE platform is the launch pad for your 3DEXPERIENCE apps. Watch the video to find out more about SOLIDWORKS on the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform and the latest on 3DEXPERIENCE.WORKS, a new portfolio of industry-aware applications, which is tailored to the needs of SOLIDWORKS users and small to medium sized companies.

It enables a variety of tools, which design teams can use to access their design information anywhere, anytime, and from any device.  Amongst other things, teams using Collaborative Business Innovator can create Dashboards to manage their projects, create communities to chat and share ideas, and set up shared 3DDrives to sync files between the cloud and their local hard drive. Find out more here

What are the key features within the SOLIDWORKS 3DEXPERIENCE Platform?

The key applications are;

  • Collaborative Business Innovator – entry level- social elements of the platform
  • Collaborative Industry Innovator – PLM element of the platform (data management)
  • 3D Component Designer – the connection between SOLIDWORKS and the platform for models to be progressed through workflows
  • Structural Professional Engineer – Simulation in the cloud powered by Abaqus
  • 3DCreator – the “xDesign” app – 3D modelling in the cloud
  • 3DSculptor – the “xShape” app – organic shape modelling in the cloud
  • Simulation Foundation - review the mesh, material, analysis steps, and results through each stage of a simulation from model and scenario set-up to results.
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