How can SOLIDWORKS Help design PCBs?
Tackle your next design project

Design data has never been so easily shared amongst your design team.

Taking your PCB designs to the next level requires a powerful set of features. SOLIDWORKS PCB has what you need to tackle your next design project.

Pin Swapping
Automate the time-consuming process of manually re-assigning nets on high pin-count components in your design. With pin swapping, you can interactively swap and optimise pin configurations in seconds, saving you countless hours in your design process.
Component Placement Rules
SOLIDWORKS PCB keeps you in sync with your manufacturing requirements with component placement rules, allowing you to easily define rules for component height and positioning on your board.
Supplier Links
Meeting budgets and deadlines becomes even easier with real-time supplier information. Supplier links tie your PCB to the larger design ecosystem, connecting you with supplier databases to give accurate information on component pricing and availability.

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