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CAD/CAM Nesting Software

What is SigmaNEST?
A single programming solution
SigmaNEST ensures superior material utilisation, machine motion optimisation, and maximum part quality balanced with cutting speed, work flow integration, material handling, accurate estimates and information management.

SigmaNEST allows manufacturers of all types and sizes to drive all major fabrication equipment with a single programming solution.

3D CAD/CAM nesting with SigmaNEST provides benefits that allow you to automate and accelerate your operation. These benefits include:

  • Lead-ins/Lead-outs
  • Tool Path Creation (may be created/edited manually)
  • Feature Recognition
  • Cut Sequencing
  • Cutting Head to Part Interference

Why SigmaNEST?

SigmaNEST software provides superior capabilities in NC programming and automatic nesting. It offers a strong breadth and depth of functionality to ensure accurate part cutting, optimal material usage, and reduced cutting time.

The software is ideal for all major profile cutting systems including plasma, laser, punch, waterjet, oxyfuel, router, and knife cutters.

SigmaTEK Services broadens the SigmaNEST solution by adding consulting and custom programming to customers needing higher levels of automation, from interfacing SigmaNEST with the MRP to fully automated, programmerless operations.

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Laser Cutting Software | Nesting Software


  • Optimized laser process
  • Superior nesting
Turret Punch Software | Nesting Software

Turret Punch Press

  • Improved tool usage
  • Faster cutting time
CNC Routing Software | Nesting Software

CNC Router

  • Multi-depth process control
  • Advanced pocketing capability
Plasma Cutting Software | Nesting Software


  • Superior hole & edge quality
  • Bevel & 5-axis support
Waterjet Cutting Software | Nesting Software


  • Consumables management
  • Stacked cutting support
Oxyfuel Cutting Software | Nesting Software


  • Multi-torch bevel cutting
  • Superior hole & edge quality
Knife Cutting Software | Nesting Software


  • Ply fiber management
  • Full cutting automation
Tube Cutting Software | Nesting Software


  • Automatic feature recognition
  • Seamless integration