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Blog Posts: May 2014

Computers change each and every day, with new software installed and more of the hard disc space being used up. Join us for a webcast that shows you some useful tweaks and maintenance plans you can use on your PC to get the most out of it for SOLIDWO...
Discover SOLIDWORKS Professional - Task Scheduler
The Task Scheduler is a great feature to allow you to automate many common tasks in SOLIDWORKS. Do you do batch printing or file conversions, have to render large files, or update files to the current SOLIDWORKS version? The scheduler will allow you ...
Replacing Inserted Parts for Master Modelling
Master modelling is the technique employed by many designers that work with external customer data. It allows the user to import a part into another part document. With an inserted part, new geometry can then be referenced to the inserted part ensuri....
Opening references from within Contains / Where Us
Follow this tip for a simple way to open files of different types directly from the 'Contain' and 'Where Used' tabs of SOLIDWORKS EnterprisePDM.
Materials Boot Camp for Simulation Users
This blog has 6 very useful links to You Tube videos for anyone wanting to know the basics of material science and, in particular, any SOLIDWORKS users who want a refresher before attending a Simulation training course.
Updating Custom Properties within SOLIDWORKS
Custom properties are used throughout SOLIDWORKS- they are simply text based information that helps further describe and add information about a document - they are sometimes known as metadata.When created, properties can be used extensively througho....
Discover DimXpert
SOLIDWORKS provides a number of ways of designing your parts utilizing Parametric relationships and dimensions.  However, sometimes these dimensions aren’t useful for manufacturing.Utilising DimXpert, users can create manufacturing dimensi....
Discover SOLIDWORKS Premium -TolAnalyst
Tolerance stack-up analysis is the study of dimension and tolerance schemes to determine potential form, fit, and function problems in parts and assemblies. It is a tool for performing tolerance stack-up analysis on parts and assemblies. Join us for ....
Solid Solutions customer Steve Warren is Lost at s
Solid Solutions Customer Steve Warren and the rest of the Cheeki Rafiki crew have been lost at sea; please help us restart the search for the crew members by signing the petition
Managing Standard Libraries in WPDM
Best practice showing show company standard components and the SOLIDWORKS Toolbox should be implemented within a Workgroup PDM environment. View the Video here 
Discover SW Professional – WorkgroupPDM
An overview of the data management already included within SOLIDWORKS Professional, enabling individuals and teams to securely manage revision history and access to files. This control also makes it easier to work collaboratively while storing w....
The Secret to Putting at the Masters at Augusta!
Putt too slow and you will leave the ball short - putt too fast and it will skip the hole. What are the max and min values for a successful putt? Is there an optimum speed for the ball to easily fall into the centre of the hole? This blog shows how S...
Creating multiple angular planes as reference geom
How can you easily create 36 planes at 10 degrees around a central axis?
Ordering Holes in a Hole Table
Can you control the order of the holes in a hole table and the 'tags' that label them? This blog describes a neat method of achieving the hole order you want and gives you control over the tag names too.
Robotics using SOLIDWORKS Motion
Robotics isn’t an area many of us are familiar with, but on a recent SOLIDWORKS Motion Simulation course we had someone who was very interested in the subject! One of our customers from Loughborough University has dedicated many hours of research to ...
Radiation in Thermal Simulation Studies
Radiation is an important means of heat transfer. This blog explains how to set radiation up so that heat can be transferred from one body to the next. A customer recently emailed in a Thermal simulation study to our Technical Support help line with ...
A Linear Pattern Design Library Feature – Unistrut
SOLIDWORKS offers integratedWeldment Structure design tools at all levels of the product. Through the‘SOLIDWORKS Content’ section of the design library, profiles for most types of structuralmember can be downloaded. The ‘Unistrut&rs....
The Sketch Driven Pattern Feature
Read on to see how the Sketch Driven pattern can be used for irregular pattern arrays. An often forgotten feature within SOLIDWORKS, sketch driven pattern is extremely useful if a repeated feature is patterned on a planar face without a singular dire...
SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD Demonstrations near you
SOLIDWORKS has been the market leader in 3D CAD design for over 18 years. During this time we have helped a diverse range of companies and individuals identify issues critical to their businesses and have helped them successfully implement SOLIDWORKS...
Calculate Internal Fluid Volume using the SolidWor
Last week during training I had a question asking how to work out the internal volume of a model, and taking this a bit further, how to calculate the volume of a fluid. To answer the query I showed a recent addition to the SOLIDWORKS feature set, the...