Blog Posts: July 2014

Stress Values in Specific Places - Sensors
An easy way to monitor stress values in critical areas of your model.
Partner Spotlight – Exact Flat
This webcast is a must if you have a requirement to develop, prototype, cost and manufacture any products that incorporate composites, industrial fabrics or technical textiles. ExactFlat, a fully integrated, easy to use, Gold Partner add-in to SOLIDW...
How to Render Cosmetic Threads
This blog post explains how you can Render Cosmetic Threads in SOLIDWORKS to make them look a lot more realistic than the 'screw thread' appearance.
SOLIDWORKS Electrical 3D Overview
Learn how to easily integrate your Electrical schematic design from SOLIDWORKS Electrical into the SOLIDWORKS 3D environment. Bi-directional capabilities allow mechanical and electrical designers to work concurrently and seamlessly on the same design...
SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematics Overview
Join us for a brief 20 minute overview and discover how to quickly create single-line and multi-line Electrical Schematic drawings by reusing common data and by accessing more than 500,000 manufactures parts from the integrated database. SOLIDWORKS E...
Getting the correct Orientation in SOLIDWORKS
Getting the correct orientation of a model can sometimes be difficult, whether you need a specific view in a drawing or just within the part there are a number of tools to help.
Leak Tracking in SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation
Internal Flow projects need an enclosed cavity to run. If there is a gap, no matter how small, SOLIDWORKS cannot calculate the fluid volume. So how do you find the gap if it is very small and the geometry is complex? Here's how ...
Tracing patterns onto 3D Surfaces
Looking at how we can transpose a pre-defined 2D pattern onto a 3D face or surface.
Partner Spotlight - LogoPress
This month the partner spotlight turns its attention on LogoPress. LogoPress is a fully integrated Gold Partner add-in to SOLIDWORKS with capabilities to flatten complex shapes, develop strip layouts. It also has a powerful 3D die design toolset whic...
Hole in the Ball!!
Well the World Cup is over, so as we are probably all trying to fill the 6 week gap until the start of the new domestic season- here's a blog with football at heart. In this post we look at finding where we have openings in surface models- and the re....
Creating Cut-Away Drawing Views
There are several ways to create cut-away views of assembly’s for use on a drawing in SOLIDWORKS. One method of doing this is to create a cut feature at an assembly level, also known as an ‘Assembly Cut’.
Beyond Training - Mould Tools
SOLIDWORKS Mould Tool functionality gets the attention in this months ‘Beyond Training’ webcast. Learn a selection of Tips and Tricks that complement the certified SOLIDWORKS Mould Tools training course.
SOLIDWORKS Inspection Overview
Discover how SOLIDWORKS Inspection could help you streamline the creation of First Article Inspection documents. Learn how to leverage your existing 2D legacy data regardless of whether your drawings are SOLIDWORKS, PDF’s or TIFF files.
Creating Inspection Reports
Do you ever need to create Inspection Reports from customer drawings or directly from SOLIDWORKS?
Evaluate your SOLIDWORKS Models
Discover how to use the tools on the ‘Evaluate’ toolbar. Some of these features are self-explanatory, however as with most features within SOLIDWORKS these tools can be used across a variety of situations and challenges some more obvious than others.
SOLIDWORKS Essentials Training - Lesson 1
A new series of webcasts which unlocks the first lesson from our certified SOLIDWORKS training courses. SOLIDWORKS Essentials training is the first stop in this series.In class this 4 day training course covers all the basic features that every user ...