Blog Posts: October 2014

Modern Pumpkin Carving
Mixing pumpkin carving with modern technology. We use 3D printing to create a contemporary jack-o'-lantern.
Temporary Axis
Temporary axis are those created implicitly by cones & cylinders within the model.
Virtual Sharp
A virtual sharp creates a sketch point at the virtual intersection point of two sketch entities.
Lesson 1 – SOLIDWORKS Surfacing Training
“Surfacing” based webcasts are probably the most popular webcasts that we run. Lesson 1 from the Surfacing training course will be no exception. Lesson 1 is titled “understanding surfaces” and gives a great fundamental introduction to this powerful t...
Lesson 1 – SOLIDWORKS Assemblies Training
Our “Lesson 1” series is proving to be very popular and this week should be no exception. Assemblies are the backbone for developing products in SOLIDWORKS. A strong foundation is a must to ensure maximum efficiency. Lesson 1 takes you through the ke...
First Look - SOLIDWORKS Electrical
Learn how SOLIDWORKS® Electrical 2015 can simplify your electrical system design with its intelligent design tools, comprehensive parts database, and real-time integration of your 2D schematics and 3D models.The simple, intuitive design makes both el...
Tip for Getting Exact Position of Cut Planes when
Flow users will know that you can preview a Cut Plot and see the flow behaviour whilst the solver is running. Finding the best location for the plot can be tricky unless you know this little tip
Branding a Coffee
Following the arrival of our new coffee machine, we decided to design a SOLIDWORKS Model and use our Makerbot 3D Printer to add our logo to our cappuccinos. This Blog explains how.
Enterprise PDM Tips & Tricks
Take a look at this webcast to find out the Enterprise Teams top tips and tricks when administering and using Enterprise PDM.
How to Calculate Fluid Volume of a Tank
If you are designing a tank or product that has a cavity and you want to know the exact fluid volume (or mass) then here's how.
Normal To 2 Faces
Normal to 2 faces command gives the user greater control over the orientation of their model.
SOLIDWORKS 2015 - Develop3D Software Review
Michael Lord works as a design/engineer and has 40 years experience of manufacturing under his belt, 10 years of which he’s been a SOLIDWORKS user. In this article he reviews the SOLIDWORKS 2015 release.
Bendy Phone
Have you recently broken your new phone by sitting on it accidently? SOLIDWORKS Simulation can help prevent design flaws by stress testing components in a virtual environment to prevent the costly process of trying to correct faults after manufacture...
Hole Table Tip
Hole Tables - This blog posts explains what to do if SOLIDWORKS is picking up the hole from the Geometry not the thread detail.
SOLIDWORKS Electrical 2015 - Search Field Enhancme
A quick look at the search enhancement in SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematics 2015
CSWE Exam – Preparation Tips
Learn how to pass the CSWE exam first time would some insightful tips on what is tested during CSWE examination. Also learn about the prerequisites for allowing this exam to be taken.
CSWP Exam – Preparation Tips
Learn how to pass the CSWP exam first time would some insightful tips on what is tested during the 3 part CSWP examination.
Sweeps with Guide Curves - when they don't work...
How you set up the Profile sketch is often the cause of problems with Swept Boss features or Swept Cut features.
SolidCAM MillTurn Overview
SolidCAM provides the most comprehensive turning package with powerful toolpaths and techniques for fast and efficient turning. SolidCAM Turning provides functionality for a wide range of machine tools, including 2-Axis lathes, multiturret configurat...
SolidCAM iMachining Overview
iMachining: “Simply Amazing” - This is what customers, machine tool manufacturers and tooling companies alike say about iMachining. This new CAM module, fully integrated into SOLIDWORKS, will make you and your CNC machines more profitable and more co...
What to expect in SOLIDWORKS Plastics 2015
SOLIDWORKS release a new version of their products each year, and this year is no different. In this Blog I want to show you some of the things we can look forward to in SOLIDWORKS Plastics 2015. There has been numerous ‘Sneak Peek 2015’ posts in the...
3D Sketching Tips and Tricks
3D sketching is a very powerful tool within SOLIDWORKS and one that has been refined and improved over the years by direct feedback from users. Join Mark for this 20 minute webcast to learn how to get the best from this sketching tool.
SOLIDWORKS 2015 - Sneak Peek
Find out What's New in SOLIDWORKS 2015 with these Top 10 enhancements from Alan, 90% of which have been from customer enhancement requests.
Sketch - Tracing images
The Autotrace feature within SOLIDWORKS allows you too quickly and easily create complex sketches from an imported image which can subsequently be used in features such as extrudes and sweeps or exported as DXF/DWG files. This can be a great way to q...