Blog Posts: October 2015

Creating and Editing Macros
This blog will cover the basics of macros. If you are familiar with Visual basic, and would just like to know how to implement macros using SOLIDWORKS, this blog is for you. We will go through the following:•Creating macros•Editing macros
The SOLIDWORKS App library brings together some of our automated macro functions as free downloadable content for even more productivity gains in SOLIDWORKS. This webinar explores what is currently in the library and its planned development.
Getting the most out of MySolidSolutions
MySolidSolutions contains a wealth of resources to get you up and running with SOLIDWORKS but also for the more experience user plenty of content to further enhance your skills. Join us for this webinar that reviews the content we have at hand for yo...
Introduction to SigmaNEST
SigmaNEST is a comprehensive CAD/CAM nesting software solution for cutting all kinds of sheet material from sheet metal and wood to composites.
SOLIDWORKS and Windows 10 Compatibility
Following Microsoft's Announcement to release Windows 10 in July this year, the SOLIDWORKS plan for supporting Windows 10 is explained in this blog.