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Blog Posts: November 2015

SOLIDWORKS Simulation Quadcopter Design Study
In this Blog post SOLIDWORKS Simulation has been coupled with the ‘Design Study’ tool to run a batch of static studies and optimise a quadcopter frame.
Engineering Basics – Material Properties
This webcast will describe how engineering materials behave under load and the key mechanical properties that are required either in hand calculations or in Simulations. Concepts of stiffness, elasticity, yield and plasticity will be explained along ...
A Game Changer… For Rendering
PhotoView360 is an amazing add-on for SOLIDWORKS and can allow you to quickly and easily create sophisticated photorealistic renderings and animations. PhotoView360 allows you to make powerful images and presentations, save time, increase productivit...
SOLIDWORKS Defeature Tool
The SOLIDWORKS Defeature tool is a technique that can be used to simplify assembly components, as it enables you to remove details from a part of an assembly.
Engineering Basics - Stress and Strain
Following on from this morning’s webcast, this session will explain stresses and strains can be calculated from a working knowledge of the forces acting on a static body. Direct, shear, bending and torsional stresses will be described with examples a...
Engineering Basics – Statics & Forces in Equilibri
Engineers must understand and be able to predict if their designs will fail. To do this requires a knowledge of stress and strain and the pre-cursor for that is a knowledge of forces. This webcast will introduce basic concepts and explain, with examp...
Creating the very best future engineers
Some of Northern Ireland’s most promising future engineers gathered in Newry this week to take part in a specially-arranged training session to learn about 3D computer-aided design (CAD) using the state-of-the art SOLIDWORKS software package.
Building Better Models
In this Webcast Gordon Stewart one of our Elite Application Engineers will give you his Tips for maintaining design intent in 3D SOLIDWORKS Parts.
Creating robust and reliable sketches
Learn about how to make your sketches robust and reliable with this webcast. Your building blocks for SOLIDWORKS models.
SOLIDWORKS 2016 Training Schedules
Our 2016 training schedules are now online. Read on for more information on notable changes for the 2016 release.
SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional ‘Toolkit’
Solid Solutions have been developing bespoke Add-ins for PDM Professional since we supplied it to our first Customer. Over the past few years we have also started to develop and market a series of ‘Standard’ off the Shelf Add-ins that fill in some of...
Drag Reduction Systems in Motorsport
This blog explains how we can use SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation to examine the effects of Downforce and Drag in Motorsport
Creating Document Templates within SOLIDWORKS PDM
SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional includes a plugin for Microsoft office which allows you to read / write Custom File Properties in Word and Excel files. In this WebCast we will illustrate how you can create a ‘Template Input Form’ to capture key informati...
Cabinet Design
Quickly produce a work-to-list and place down components in SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD. Using standard cabinet components build up a 3D model, automate wire/cable routes and view calculated lengths.
Harness Design
Learn how to develop a harness in 2D, visualise in SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD, and then flatten to a fan drawing and output associated harness drawings and BOMs. Great for harness routes in cabinets or wiring around vehicles and machines.
2D Schematics
Further the development of electrical systems with SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematics. In-built symbols, parts and border libraries as well as automated reports help to make this a powerful tool for Electrical Engineers.