Blog Posts: April 2016

SOLIDWORKS License Transfer Change
In SP3.0 to transfer a SOLIDWORKS license from one computer to another you must now ‘Deactivate’ the license and then ‘Reactivate’ on another machine. Previously, ‘Deactivate’ was called ‘Transfer’, it still functions in exactly the same way.
Sign Writing and Logos - DXF's and Blocks
Importing DXF's - particularly ones of stylized images can be a pain - how can this be handled?
Wiring a room with SOLIDWORKS Electrical
We need power, so using SOLIDWORKS Electrical we can draw up our schematic and get our components placed ready to start work.
Blowing Hot and Cold with Flow Simulation
Setting up a new outside office and we need to ensure that we won’t freeze in winter, or melt in summer. We’ll use Flow Simulation and the HVAC module to make sure it all works.
SOLIDWORKS Library Features
A library feature is a frequently used feature in SOLIDWORKS which you can create once and then save in a library for future use. They can be used on multiple files and are a great way of saving time and ensuring consistency in your models.
Customise the User interface in SOLIDWORKS 2016
Customise the software so that you can improve your productivity and efficiency when modelling.
We are often asked by our customers about the SOLIDWORKS rx Tool so we have created a handy document to explain it all.
SolidCAM Important Software Update
SolidCAM have released a new service pack recently which fixes an issue with Synchronization of SolidCAM Parts.
An Introduction to SigmaTube
Tube nesting and programming for round, square, rectangular, or triangular tube/pipe as well as structural material such as I-beams, H-be
Controlling consistency in sheet metal blank development is one of the key challenges when striving for accurate sheet metal components. In this webcast we take a look at how to control these settings in our designs and look at how we can automate th...
Solid Solutions Internal CAD Modelling Challenge
How would you design a low cost, easily manufacturable stand for your iPhone that allows it to be inclined on your desk? There are plenty of phone stands currently on the market but we were looking for a fresh idea, suitable for manufacture on our 3D...