Blog Posts: June 2016

10 things you need to know about Modelling
Kevs top 10 SOLIDWORKS Tips and Tricks to ensure your modelling skills are top notch!
How to model the Beau Jeu Ball in SOLIDWORKS
How to model the UEFA Euro 2016 Football in SOLIDWORKS using tools such as split lines, surfaces and patterns!
An Anthology of a Part Number
Part Numbering, what it means to be “right” and what it means to be very “Wrong”. Intelligent or Generic?
Tech Support Blog: Colour Hierarchy for Drawing An
After my previous blog regarding setting drawing standards to adhere to document and layer preferences, another support call came in last week with respect to colour not displaying with drawing annotations. Basically despite a defined layer being app....
Fatigue Simulation
A colleague asked me to help her with some Fatigue hand calculations on a simple test piece. No problem I thought – quite straightforward, except it did not turn out that way and I discovered a hole in my understanding that is critically important to...
Push, Pull and Twist Your Models
SOLIDWORKS has a range of tools that allow for the dynamic manipulation of your models. We’ll be looking at a few examples of this, using the flex, indent and deform tools.
Truform - Topology Optimisation
How do you design for least cost and lightest weight? We all need to improve our products by removing material to save costs and the environment – but how do you do that without compromising structural integrity and performance? Furthermore, if your ...
Editing Imported Geometry
SOLIDWORKS allows for importing of models from a range of file types. We’ll be looking at a couple cases where the imported geometry needs some manual repairing. Where geometry needs to be recreated with surface modelling tools.
Tech Support Blog: How to Best Manage Installs and
On our help desk we get asked numerous times about best practice for managing service packs and installations. A new major version of SOLIDWORKS is released once per year in the Autumn and service packs are released every 8-10 weeks normally with fiv....
DraftSight 2D CAD Training
We offer a 2 day DraftSight training course which lets professional CAD users, students and educators create, edit and view DWG files even if they don't have SOLIDWORKS!
Tech Support Blog: Controlling Layers for Specific
Many SOLIDWORKS users still maintain layers in 2D drawings and there are a number of settings to allow you to control which type of annotations can take on layer properties such as line colour and font styles. Much of this can be setup at a template ....
A closer look at Drawing features and functions
Tips and tricks on how to handle drawing files. Topics covered: Import .dxf/.dwg title blocks, using blocks and layers to work around some limitations of the classic Drawings.
A closer look at Assembly mates and features
The webcast looks at assembly features that were very briefly discussed in Assembly Course, or not even mentioned at all. Examples covered would show: Mate References, Assembly level Cut features, Path Mate and Linear Coupler.
Simulation Hacks!
A typical static analysis simulation starts off by first choosing the material, selecting fixing points, applying loads and finally running our set up. However, what if we could change this type of workflow and continue with our design when some basi...
Lesson 1 - SOLIDWORKS Animations
In this webcast we will discover SOLIDWORKS Animations and what is included in lesson 1 of the training course.
Lesson 1 - SOLIDWORKS Visualize
In this webcast we will discover the new SOLIDWORKS Visualize rendering package and what is included in lesson 1 of the training course.

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