Blog Posts: July 2016

Visualize Professional - Walkthroughs
Explore the Walkthrough function on SOLIDWORKS Visualize.
SOLIDWORKS Visualize 2016 SP1 Released
Improvements and fixes for SOLIDWORKS Visualize 2016.
SOLIDWORKS Visualize - Motion Blur and Camera Opti
Ever wondered how the big automotive companies create their impressive long exposure renders? Well wonder no more, with this webcast you will the see the vast and powerful range of features from SOLIDWORKS Visualise professional using options such as....
Electrical - All You Need To Know About PLC
SOLIDWORKS Electrical provides numerous ways of creating and displaying PLCs in your schematics. This webcast shows you step by step how to add and manage any type of PLC you need.  Methods such as automated and dynamic so you can display it how....
SOLIDWORKS Visualize Why Go Pro? 2- Render Queuing
Why Go Pro? Looking at Render Queuing within SOLIDWORKS Visualize
SOLIDWORKS Visualize. Why go pro? - Motion Blur
Enhance the quality of your renders with SOLIDWORKS Visualize.
SOLIDWORKS Visualize Why Go Pro? 1- Configurations
Why Go Pro? Looking at Configurations within SOLIDWORKS Visualize with our placement students Hannah Barnes & Nick Barlow
SOLIDWORKS Elite Applications Engineers
Yesterday was a big day for achievements by our extremely talented technical team here at Solid Solutions.5 of our team were awarded the coveted Elite Applications Engineer status which is in recognition of exceptional SOLIDWORKS skills.
Americas Cup
The Americas Cup is the oldest international sporting trophy and the latest stage in the Louis Vuitton Americas Cup World Series is coming back to the UK and Portsmouth this weekend (24th to 26th July 2016).
The Inside Story Of A Placement Student - Week 3
University Of Cambridge student Jonathan Pawson updates us on his placement progress with Solid Solutions. Week 3
Advantages of Parametric CAD with SOLIDWORKS
Analysing the advantages of Parametric CAD with SOLIDWORKS over other CAD tools
Incubator Design in SOLIDWORKS
Loughborough Design Student James Roberts wins James Dyson Award and secures contract with Morgan Innovation and Technology allowing them to further develop and manufacture his portable baby incubator ‘mOm’.
The inside story of a placement story - Week 2. jo
Jonathan Pawson, an Engineering student at Cambridge University tells us what he has been up to during his 4 week placement with Solid Solutions.Week 2The finished prototype 3D Printed
SOLIDWORKS placement student - Week 1
Jonathan Pawson, an Engineering student at Cambridge University tells us what he has been up to during his 4 week placement with Solid Solutions.
Transition Training Fund
Made redundant or at risk of redundancy in the Oil and Gas sector? Here is what YOU can do next...
Portugal win the Euros
We hope you all enjoyed the Euros… despite England’s unfortunate exit. But that hasn’t stopped us keeping up the spirit and modelling the fantastic Euro cup!
Top 10 Commands Not On Your Toolbar
Aimed at relatively new users this webcast will take a look at some of the most useful modelling commands that aren't found on the default tabs of the command manager.
Creating classic games in SOLIDWORKS
This webcast will demonstrate some advanced modelling mating and configuration techniques in the context of classic games such as chess and connect 4.
10 things you need to know about Drawings
Kevs top 10 SOLIDWORKS Tips and Tricks to ensure your Drawings skills are top notch!

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