SOLIDWORKS Visualize. Why Go Pro? - 4-Motion Blur

Wednesday July 27, 2016 at 12:00pm
Enhance the quality of your renders with SOLIDWORKS Visualize.
SOLIDWORKS Visualize. Why go pro? - Motion Blur

SOLIDWORKS Visualize Why Go Pro? - 4-Motion Blur

How can I make my renders better? This is a question that we sometimes get asked on the support line and during customer visits. Of course, this is very subjective and based on the product/machine/system that needing to be rendered. But, there are numerous ways that you can give your renders that extra special tweak to give it the realism and the depth that makes a great photorealistic render. You may be thinking that these methods are always complex and take up a huge amount of time but within SOLIDWORKS Visualize you have the option to make your renders as complex or as simple as you prefer. Here we will look at Motion blur - this could be the added wow factor that your renders are missing! Motion blur is easily accessible through the camera interface in SOLIDWORKS Visualise Professional, here we can add motion blur onto this camera as well as deciding what shutter speed is needed. This is between the fastest 0ms and the slowest at 60ms. 


  Motion blur in Visualize is digitally simulating the long exposure time in a camera, where a photographer would elongate the shutter speed meaning that rather than having a fast shutter speed, this would just capture an image with very little or no motion/blur, he would capture movement over a certain amount of time. Thus showing the object move from its original place (when the shutter opened) to the place it finished (when the shutter closed). 

Getting started - not only do you need motion blur applied to a camera but you also need the motion itself, you can apply this within an animation, which is where Visual Professional comes into play. 

In this image, I have applied ½ second rotation to all 4 wheel on a model of a car. We can do this by right clicking on the part that we want to apply movement to, and select ‘Add Rotation Animation’. Next, you will need to select the correct Axis, so that it’s rotating in the correct way. 

Then it’s the case of selecting what the shutter speed needs to be -  remember that to preview a render with motion blur you must have the camera that motion blur is applied to as the active camera and be using the Accurate preview mode. 

In the images, from left to right, the first image has 10ms shutter speed, next has 30ms and the last is the slowest with 60ms shutter speed. This can be done not just with rotation but also linear movement too!

Here are some I made earlier...

For more information please see my webcast entitled – SOLIDWORKS Visualize – Motion Blur and other camera options.We also offer a 2 Day training course for  Visualize Standard and Professional

Olly Smith

Elite Applications Engineer

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