Blog Posts: August 2016

SOLIDWORKS Simulation - Olympic Weightlifting
Now the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio is over, we can reflect on the strength and determination athletes require to compete and be the best in the world. Using SOLIDWORKS Simulation we'll take a look at how an Olympic barbell is loaded for world record...
Creating pub games in SOLIDWORKS
This webcast goes though how we can use SOLIDWORKS Motion to play pool!
SOLIDWORKS Sustainability
Discover SOLIDWORKS Sustainability in this video tutorial and see how you can use the software to improve your carbon footprint.
How to model the Olympic Sun Sculpture
Discover how to model the Olympic Sun Sculpture in SOLIDWORKS, with our Elite Applications Engineer Gordon Stewart!
SOLIDWORKS Electrical portal & Gold Electrical Sub
Looking at SOLIDWORKS Electrical Portal & Gold Electrical Subscriptions with Olly Smith, Applications Engineer
Tech Support Blog: Why are my BOM Quantities Wrong
A support call cropped up this week which I thought was worth sharing in a blog post. Quite simply a customer was reviewing their Assembly Bill of Materials (BOM) and finding an incorrect value for the Quantity column against a certain part. Clearly ....