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Series 1 Land Rover Pedal Car - Made Easy with SOLIDWORKS!

Wednesday September 7, 2016 at 3:00pm

The Series1 began production in 1948 designed to help get Britain farming after the war effort. It grew extremely popular and today enthusiasts are prepared to throw their life savings at restoring originals from that period.

The simplicity of the body shape made this the ideal choice for a pedal car home DIY project. This has been a low budget one-off manufacture and therefore many of the parts are recycled from surplus joinery materials. SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD tools have been utilised to take what may have been bonfire wood and turned it into something exciting.

SOLIDWORKS Landrover Render

Basic design specification:

  • Ergonomically suited for a 2-3 year old child
  • Traditional forward push pedal arms that link to a rear axle crank (to prevent feet being trapped)
  • 4:1 steering ratio to give light steering and sufficient movement at the hand wheel
  • Closely represents a scaled model of the Series 1

Appropriately sized, cheap, readily available wheels (regularly seen on heavy goods trolleys) were sourced and provided a starting reference.  With the wheel diameter in mind, a sketch picture showing elevations is scaled and traced to give a profile ready for building features.

SOLIDWORKS Landrover Sketch Picture

The chassis and body are both created as a single part file containing multiple solid bodies.  This gives the advantage of modelling the overall shape in one environment.  

A common misconception is that SOLIDWORKS Weldment functions apply specifically to steel structural members.   However in this case we can regard the multibody wooden framework as a weldment structure from which we can produce a cut list. By applying bounding boxes, the resulting cut list properties contain length, width and thickness for each individual part of the structure.    

SOLIDWORKS Landrover Linkage

When it comes to designing the steering linkage and drivetrain components it is incredibly useful to have full control within the assembly environment.   Update the dimension of a referenced part and you can see the resulting behavior immediately, without the need to move away from your preferred view orientation.  All instances of the modified part rebuild simultaneously.

SOLIDWORKS Landrover Drivetrain

Pictorial drawing views with coinciding Bills of Material are effortless to create either in a top or sub assembly level.  This is a convenient way of communicating details, parts lists and assembly instructions for individual areas of the design.

SOLIDWORKS Landrover Assembly

Nice to see another Series 1 roll off the production line!

SOLIDWORKS Landrover ProductiuonSOLIDWORKS Landrover Render

By Kyle Craig

Applications Engineer


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