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Blog Posts: January 2017

SOLIDWORKS PCB Certification
Elite Applications Engineers, Olly Smith & Patrick Musgrave gain new SOLIDWORKS qualification by successfully designing new PCB design from scratch!
Converging Fillets
Applications engineer Chris Green explores converging fillets in SOLIDWORKS in his latest blog post.
Getting started with SOLIDWORKS
Optimise your SOLIDWORKS setup with advise on updating and problem solving.
Welcome to Solid Solutions
This webcast is an overview of the services we offer at Solid Solutions and how you can ensure you get the most out of our SOLIDWORKS support.
Laying cables with SOLIDWORKS Electrical 3D
In this webcast we'll look at how to set up components for use within SOLIDWORKS Electrical 3D. We'll see how it enables you to easily integrate your electrical schematic design from SOLIDWORKS Electrical to your 3D model of a machine or product.
SOLIDWORKS Visualize Key Frame Animations
Creating still images really helps bring designs to life without having to create prototypes and can save companies a lot of money, however 2D images have their limitations. Here is when animations come into their own.
Creating Classic Games - Part II
A look into mating, decals, configuration publisher and other SOLIDWORKS features in the context of classic games.
SOLIDWORKS New Years Resolutions
Outlining some best practices for working within SOLIDWORKS to make your year more productive. Covering modelling techniques, shortcuts and useful system options
SOLIDWORKS Simulation of a Boat
Last month, I built a six-metre rowing boat in SOLIDWORKS. I was interested to know just how much I could find out about this boat using Simulation- for example, how many people could fit in here before it sank?