Blog Posts: March 2017

Solid Solutions Top 2 in Technology & Media
Solid Solutions features second in the BDO's Growth Barometer for the 'Technology & Media' sector across the region.
eDrawings for Mac - Announcement
The latest release of eDrawings for Mac, is now available in the Apple store.
Confusing Configurations?
Applications Engineer, Rory Niles takes us through his latest blog 'Confusing Configurations' in an effort to help save you time whilst configuring your parts.
What’s New in SOLIDWORKS Plastics 2017
Applications Engineer & Training Manager, Peter Harkness takes us through the new enhancements that have been added to SOLIDWORKS Plastics 2017.
Top 20 Productivity Shortcuts
Applications Engineer & Training Manager Peter Harkness takes us through his 'Top 20 Productivity Shortcuts' in this weeks Webcast Wednesday.
Compound Angles Made Easy
This webcast will explore a method of using standard 3D solid models to create sheet metal components with compound angles that are easy to model and easy to fit together.
Displaying items within SOLIDWORKS drawings
At first glance it doesn’t always seem possible to display some model items such as decals, customer comments and much more within your SOLIDWORKS drawing, but this webcast will explore the options and methods you can use to display these items withi...
Routing Setup, Pipeline Product Designer’s Guide
Application Engineer Kyle Craig takes us through his Routing Setup, Pipeline Product Designers Guide.This blog video is aimed towards those who design pipeline equipment such as shut off valves, various control valves, check valves, pressure release ...
Animations with Visualize 2017
In this webcast we will look at the new ways we can render out animations and look at some top tips for you to make your animations stand out.
Tips to improve the realism of your Visualize rend
In this webcast, applications engineer, Chris Green looks at ways within Visualize to improve the realism for your renders including advanced materials, alternative lights, Depth of Field and decals.
Shaded Sketch Contours – what’s that about?
Applications Engineer, Rory Niles, talks us through one of the new features in SOLIDWORKS 2017, 'Shaded Sketch Contours'
Underused Features of the Drawing Environment
The drawing environment is one of the 3 fundamental areas of the software. Discover some features that are rarely covered in webcast and training topics including some new features added in recent years. Could you be missing out on a huge timesaver? ...
Underused Features of the Assembly Environment
Elite Applications Engineer Adam Hartles takes us through this weeks Webcast - Underused Features of the Assembly Environment,
Reduce weight, cost and time to market using TruFo
It's common for parts to go to production exceeding pre-defined weight targets, increasing material usage and therefore manufacturing costs. This webinar will demonstrate through a series of case studies how topology optimisation, available to Solid ...
Motion Simulation Room, Elite Celebration Event
In order to reward the members of our team who achieved ‘Elite’ status and in particular recognise those who achieved this milestone in 2016 Solid Solutions celebrated by visiting our customer ‘Motion Simulation Ltd’ at the Motion Simulation Room in ...