Blog Posts: June 2018

Whats New Inspection and MBD part 2
The Inspection Standalone application allows creation of ballooned drawings and First Article Inspection Reports from third party applications independent of SOLIDWORKS. We explore the new compatible file formats, including 3D solid files from Catia,...
What's New Inspection and MBD Part 1
Applications Engineer Oliver Washington presents 'What's New Inspection and MBD Part 1' in this weeks Webcast Wednesday.
BOMs & Other Tables In SOLIDWORKS
Applications Engineer, Terry O'Reilly presents 'BOMs & Other Tables' in this weeks Webcast Wednesday.
How to model the Russia 2018 World Cup Football in
The World Cup is here again! The geometry of the football itself is always a little interesting. What panels make up the surface? Looking at the ball closely, I could see that it was one shape tessellated 6 times - a weird cube as it were. So, how ca...
SOLIDWORKS Online Licensing and Admin Portal - FAQ
So this is part 4 and the final part of our blog series on the new SOLIDWORKS Admin Portal and Online Licensing. In this final segment I wanted to summarise with some of the headline messages and FAQs.
Using SOLIDWORKS Online Licensing
Our previous two blog posts have focused on the SOLIDWORKS Admin Portal. Set up of this portal and assigment of SOLIDWORKS products to the respective users (members) is an important prerequisite before SOLIDWORKS Online Licensing can be used- so both...
Using the SOLIDWORKS Admin Portal
If you read the first blog in this series you should now understand what is possible in the Admin Portal and how to access. Hopefully by now you have set things up so you have designated your Admin and have access to the site.
Introducing the SOLIDWORKS Admin Portal
We are pleased to announce two new features to allow you to better manage and work with your SOLIDWORKS licenses- the SOLIDWORKS Admin Portal and SOLIDWORKS Online Licensing. There is a lot of information to share on these new features so we have bro...
SOLIDWORKS Certification Day - All you need to kno
The SOLIDWORKS certification program is a great way to test competency and efficiency in the software. It's the only industry recognised SOLIDWORKS accreditation and a great addition to your CV.