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How to Change a SOLIDWORKS Serial Number

Tuesday January 1, 2019 at 12:00pm
Whenever you want to change the serial number which a computer is associated to you will need to change the number used within the Installation. The guide below explains how. 

SOLIDWORKS: How to Change Serial Number

View an interactive step by step guide below by pressing the play button below.

For the best experience view the guide full screen click here.

If you prefer the solution is outlined in text below.

1. Begin by Deactivating the License from the computer.

2. Help > Deactivate License

3. Follow the Wizard, through until the process succeeds 

4. Close any/all instances of SOLIDWORKS. 

5. Navigate to Programs > Program and Features 

6. Select SOLIDWORKS in the list of programs and then select change

7. The SOLIDWORKS Installation Manager will load, select modify the individual installation 

8. Select Next

9. Change the serial numbers as necessary on this next page then select next, and allow SOLIDWORKS to install whatever extras it requires.

10. The Serial number which this computer is associated to for SOLIDWORKS has now been changed.

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