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How to Obtain SOLIDWORKS Xpress Product Codes

Tuesday January 1, 2019 at 3:33pm
Xpress codes are generated by SOLIDWORKS so they can monitor how many people are using these applications and whether or not there still relevant. 

SOLIDWORKS: Xpress Product Codes

View an interactive step by step guide below by pressing the play button below.

For the best experience view the guide full screen click here.

If you prefer the solution is outlined in text below.

1. If you do not already have a SOLIDWORKS Customer Portal account you will need to create one 

2. Try to access the Xpress product in question

3. Select the link to the MYSOLIDWORKS website

4. Log in using your SOLIDWORKS Customer Portal account

5. A code will be generated

6. Copy and paste the code into the SOLIDWORKS dialog box

7. The Xpress product should open and be available for use

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