Webinar: An Introduction to SOLIDWORKS Composer

Friday June 24, 2022 at 9:01am
SOLIDWORKS Composer allows you to easily repurpose your 3D engineering models to create graphical content that allows you to explain processes and procedures in technical communications. This includes illustrations such as manufacturing assembly instructions, product manuals, installation instructions, service manuals, training guides, marketing brochures, and sales bidding kits.
Webinar: An Introduction to SOLIDWORKS Composer

In this webinar, our Techincal Communication Specialist, Jamie Thain, will guide you through a 30minute introduction showing how SOLIDWORKS Composer could help you save time while producing high-quality illustrations. 

If your company carries out any of the following, this webcast could be ideal for you:

  • Explain processes and procedures in technical communications 
  • Create manufacturing assembly instructions 
  • Product manuals Installation guides 
  • Service manuals Training guides 
  • Marketing illustrations in vector and raster formats

Watch the webinar on-demand.

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