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MSC Sinda
Industry proven efficient solver
MSC Software’s Sinda uses a conductor-capacitor network representation approach to thermal analysis that offers numerous benefits when solving thermal problems.

Sinda goes beyond other solutions by also providing a powerful thermal programming language, enabling engineers to construct complex thermal scenarios that would otherwise be difficult or impossible with other analysers.

The flexibility of Sinda is extended even more with integration to a wide number of thermal modelling tools including Patran, SimXpert, SindaRad, THERMICA, Thermal Studio and Visio.
MSC circuit-card-steady-state

Why choose MSC Sinda?

Industry-Leading Thermal Analysis
Sinda includes a number of advantages, when compared to FE based thermal analysers, that allow you to:

  • Select from a wide number of available thermal loads.
  • Use fast radiation methods with multiple radiation enclosures.
  • Model terrestrial heating for solar loads on Aeroplanes, Automobiles, Solar Power Plants, Civilian Structures, and more.
  • Add subroutines to model logic and boundary conditions for complex thermal problems.
  • Utilize micro functions for complex loads without the addition of programming logic.
  • Include complex special/time/temperature variation of heat fluxes and convections.
  • Add advanced thermal features including ablation for thermal electric devices and heat pipes.
Get Sinda on its own or through MSC One: flexible, expanded product software solution that lets you take advantage of the broad range of MSC Solution’s range of products including Patran, Marc, Apex, Nastran, Adams, scFLOW, scSTREAM, SimManager, MaterialCenter, and more.

Ready to find out more?

Ready to find out more?

Whether you’re making products for use on a construction site, designing the building or managing the construction process, it’s likely you’re doing one of the hundreds of processes that we could help make run better: more efficiently and at a lower cost.

MSC One Token Licensing
You might think such a solution would come at a premium price and be accessible to the largest companies. Big companies do not have a monopoly on big problems to solve, that is why, at Solid Solutions, we believe that where possible, access to software and solutions should be accessible.
Because of this, we now offer the MSC One token licensing scheme. This scheme enables access to this powerful problem solver at a price level affordable to even the smallest customer.

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