SOLIDWORKS in the Packaging Machinery Industry

Within the Packaging Machinery Industry Industry increased environmental concerns and globalisation combined with the constant need to anticipate the changing demand of the customer are just a few of the Macro Critical Business Issues faced on a regular basis.

SOLIDWORKS' expansive range of integrated product development solutions help your business meet these challenges. Improve and increase the efficiency of the product development process and allow you business to truly develop with SOLIDWORKS.

SOLIDWORKS can offer real solutions to the challenges faced by various members of the production team.

Challenges and Solutions for...

Managing Director

Infastructure management


CAD Solution

Monitor data for medium to large scale assemblies

Correct and accurate data retrieval is vital especially within large scale assemblies often seen within the machinery industry, SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM allows efficient and accurate data retrieval whilst allowing for productive team work to occur regardless of the geographical location of team members.

Communicate 3D models and various concepts to non CAD users

SOLIDWORKS is able to convey ideas in a vast array of formats, from 2D technical drawings that can be saved out to PDFs to SOLIDWORKS Composer files which are able to demonstrate assembly instructions alongside SOLIDWORKS eDrawings which can act as an interactive 3D viewer for those without SOLIDWORKS software installed. Photorealistic renders can be saved out into a range of image formats which too can be shared among non cad users to convey concepts.

Head of Engineering

Maintain the quality, reliability and safety equilibrium whilst shortening design cycle time and lowering costs.


CAD Solution

Develop lead products cost efficiently

Where possible to reduce costs and lead time previous designs can be utilised, SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM makes it easy to leverage previous data and amend it thanks to revision control.

All products designed must be fit for manufacture

SOLIDWORKS provides the tools to optimise designs for the manufacturing process, with features such as DFM Express, Design Checker and TolAnalysis.

Remove the need for physical prototypes

SOLIDWORKS Simulation is seamlessly integrated into the modelling area allowing for various analysis to be ran whilst modelling to constantly asses how your design will perform in real life scenarios. SOLIDWORKS Simulation is able to run analysis on a huge range of scenarios, from buckling analysis to computational fluid dynamics through to non linear stress analysis to name but a few.

Excessive time spent producing technical drawings

SOLIDWORKS Drawings allows for 2D technical drawings to be produced directly from the 3D CAD model thanks to the associative links between the two, in turn this ensures that any updates made in the model will be automatically reflected in the drawing and vice versa SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM ensures data can be safely stored but also easily accessed.

Machinery must be desinged within the context of a certain environment

In the world of industrial machinery manufacturing, machinery is often required to be designed within the context of certain environments or plant structures SoldiWorks partner product BuiltWorks enables CAD users to do this and ensure that any contextual requirements are accounted for.

Leverage of Standard Parts

With large assemblies typically common within the industrial machinery manufacture an online CAD library of standard parts allows for quick leverage of standard components, SOLIDWORKS online asset bank has thousands of product variants available for download and use to save time wasted creating standard components.

Head of Manufacturing

Ensure efficient sourcing of products and cost effective inhouse production


CAD Solution

Accurately machine parts without the need to rework any past data

SOLIDWORKS allows for data to processed for manufacture directly from the CAD model ensuring that your final product is exactly as designed thanks to partner products such as CAMWorks.

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