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SOLIDWORKS Training Passports

Our Training Passports offer you a comprehensive training and development plan in one single purchase. These passports allow you to make massive savings on training, compared to purchasing multiple courses one at a time. Separate Passports are available for SOLIDWORKS CAD & SolidCAM.

"I would highly recommend the SOLIDWORKS training passport to anyone looking to get into or refresh their knowledge on SOLIDWORKS. The staff are very knowledgeable and the training is always up-to-date with the latest versions of the software." Stuart Sharples, Gaudio Awards

Note: The SOLIDWORKS & SolidCAM Passports are separate items that need to be purchased individually.


The Training Passport:

  • Applies to all courses in the matrix (see below).
  • Can be purchased in different lengths that are valid for 12, 24, 36 or 60 months starting from the date of the first course.
  • May be transferred once from the named employee to a replacement if the original holder ceases employment within the passport term (or twice if 5 year Passport).
  • Allows you to realise the full potential of your investment in staff and systems.
  • Can attend courses beyond the level of software you have- great for evaluating further products.

Solid Solutions Training:

  • Certified Training Instructors.
  • All courses are CPD Certified.
  • 21 Training Venues around the UK & Ireland.
  • Courses run every week of the year - 1250+.
  • Limited class sizes ensure personal attention.
  • Hands-on format with PCs/Laptops for each attendee.
  • Course manual and certificate.

SOLIDWORKS Training Passport Entitlement

All of the following courses are included in a Passport. The matrix highlights the functionalities of the three versions of SOLIDWORKS.

Essentials 4
Drawings 3
Advanced Part Modelling 3
Assembly Modelling 3
Surface Modelling 2
Sheet Metal 2
Weldments 1
Mould Design 2
Simulation Fundamentals 1
Animations 2
Visualize Standard   1
Routing: Piping and Tubing     2
Routing: Electrical     2
Simulation     3
Motion Simulation     2
   Total Training Days 33

Please Note:

Passport holders will be entitled to ALL courses in the matrix regardless of the product they operate. This will offer future value should they upgrade or simply want to evaluate the functionality offered by a higher product. The inclusion of a course within the Training Passport is also within the individual course breakdowns.

SolidCAM Training Passport Entitlement

The following courses are included in a SOLIDCAM Training Passport. 

CAD Essentials for CAM users 2
SolidCAM Mill 2.5D 2
(Automatic Feature Recognition & Machining)
SolidCAM 3D HSR & HSM 2
SolidCAM iMachining 1
SolidCAM HSS 1
SolidCAM 4axis Simultaneous 1
SolidCAM 5axis Simultaneous 1
SolidCAM Turning 1
SolidCAM Advanced Mill-Turn 1
Total Training Days 13

Please note, passport holders will be entitled to ALL courses in the matrix regardless of the SolidCAM License & Modules they operate. This will offer future value should they upgrade or simply want to evaluate the functionality offered by a higher product.