What is project collaboration in the cloud?
Communicate, share and view
The collaboration tools on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform help keep the whole team up to date with the latest information. Any news can easily be shared and commented on in a central location for the whole team to view, which helps to reduce disjointed email conversations.

SOLIDWORKS files can be referenced in posts and viewed inside the platform so it’s simple to review and respond to any changes. Additionally, each user’s view of the platform can be personalized so that they only see information relevant to them.
Key Benefits
  • A centralized location to share and discuss progress and ideas.
  • Reduced reliance on email and more efficient communication.
  • Personalized dashboard views for each user so they only need to see what is relevant to them.
  • Directly reference files stored in the platform so anyone can easily access.
  • Integrate your own applications for a centralized view of all important information.
Collaboration Tools Roles

Collaborative Business Innovator
Collaborative Business Innovator is the entry level role that others build upon. Primarily, it help teams to communicate, share and view SOLIDWORKS files in a single managed environment. 5GB of cloud storage is available per user with this role.
Key Apps within this role
  • 3D Dashboards
  • 3D Swym
  • 3D Play
  • 3D Drive
  • Web Page Reader
3D Dashboards

A 3D Dashboard provides a online view of your vital project information. The dashboard is comprised of many different widgets that provide functionality, enable communication or present information. The layout of the dashboard is easily configured, so you can set it up to only view what is important to you.


3DSwym is at the heart of the 3DEXPERIENCE'S collaborative offerings. The hub of 3DSwym is a place for team members to ask questions, post updates, create surveys and review best practices. 3D Swym can also feature 'Wikipedia style' reference articles that can be created and maintained by you.

3D Play

3DPlay allows you to view SOLIDWORKS files in the cloud. Use the review tools to measure, annotate, section, share and more. 3DPlay can also display simulation results and kinematic animations.

3D Drive

3DDrive provides intelligent cloud based file storage for CAD and non-CAD files.

3DDrive also provides access control and file history, meaning that you can control who can open each file and you can restore older versions of a file if necessary. Additional file management tools, such as full file revision management and approval processes require the Collaborative Industry Innovator role.

Web Page Reader

The Web Page Reader app can embed other websites into the 3DEXPERIENCE platform so that you can easily access third party data.

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