What is project planning in the cloud?
Assisted, iterative planning
With the Project Planner role you can lay out each stage of your project by defining the required tasks and then assigning members, dependencies and deadlines. As a project progresses there are tools to help you easily monitor the state of different tasks and your project timeline can automatically update to reflect any changes.

Tasks can be viewed and updated anywhere, from any device and even integrated directly into SOLIDWORKS so that they fit seamlessly into a designer’s workflow.
Key Benefits
  • Define project scope, required tasks, members, and key delivery milestones.
  • Easy monitoring of tasks with tools to help identify risks and delays early.
  • Accessible anywhere, anytime on any devices.
  • User notifications as tasks progress.
  • Task integration with SOLIDWORKS.
Project Planning Roles

Project Planner provides simple and assisted iterative planning, execution, and monitoring for all business users.
Apps with this role
  • Project Planning
Project Planning

With the Project Planning app you can:

  • Define project scope, members, and key delivery milestones.
  • Automatically schedule and optimize projects to stay on target.
  • Monitor delivery progress in real time, identify risks early and adjust plans easily.
  • Analyze and improve project performance.
  • Access projects anywhere and on any device through the cloud.

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