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Partner Products

Partner Products

Recommended SOLIDWORKS Partners

What is a SOLIDWORKS Partner Product?
Recommended programs that extend the functionality of SOLIDWORKS
SOLIDWORKS Partners offer a variety of applications that easily integrate specialised capabilities with the SOLIDWORKS platform to provide complete solutions. There are hundreds of solution partners worldwide, we have selected below our top picks for a variety of applications.
Solutions for Metal & Wood
Want to find our more about extending the manufacturing capabilities of SOLIDWORKS, visit our manufacturing product page to view our recommended manufacturing partners products.
Configure & Automate
Use DriveWorks to configure custom designs quickly and easily. Generate Manufacturing Drawings, 3D Models and Sales Documents automatically. DriveWorks is easy to set up and can be used by anyone!
Task Based Queueing for SOLIDWORKS
SolidQueue helps you to work more efficiently and make fewer mistakes by customising, automating and programming key sections of your workflow.
Die Design
Die design, flattening and blank prediction software for the tool & die industry. They also develop both 2D & 3D Parametric solutions worldwide. LogoPress 3 works with SOLIDWORKS to enhance your design.
Data Translation
Certified Gold Product Add-in, FormatWorks solves frustrating data translation problems for users. It has the highest level of integration within SOLIDWORKS with a fully integrated "single window" application
Textile Design
Tailored for textile design boasting powerful pattern development tools to add hems, seams and hardware. Leverage SOLIDWORKS models to develop flat patterns from complex non-developable surfaces.
Magnetic Design
SOLIDWORKS Certified Gold Partner EMWorks provide Electromagnetic software and simulation tools based on the finite element method which is all fully integrated into the SOLIDWORKS Interface.
Sub-D SOLIDWORKS Modelling
Improve the surface capabilities of SOLIDWORKS with this advanced surfacing partner product. Power Surfacing allows more flexibility and productivity when designing complex surfaces.
Photorealistic Rendering
Create stunning renders straight from your SOLIDWORKS 3D models with this fast and easy to use rendering and animation software
Plant Design
3D CAD software for fast, easy design of 3D piping systems for mechanical engineering, equipment production and plant design.
3D CAD Mice
3DConnexion are the world's leading provider of 3D mice for design and visualisation professionals. Their products offer a more intuitive and natural way to interact with your SOLIDWORKS Models.
Deliver Topology Optimisation
TruForm SW is an integrated simulation solution for SOLIDWORKS®, providing users with a powerful topology optimisation method within a simple and straightforward interface.
3D Scanning
FARO develop portable 3D digitisation solutions designed to capture complex geometries of prototypes, products and assemblies to increase the efficiency in product development.
Massive Point Clouds
We specialise in powerful editing solutions for 3D Data. With our experience with Point Cloud Data our tools allow simple Point Cloud manipulation.