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SOLIDWORKS Born to Design - Episode 7 - Plastic and Sustainability Analysis

Join us for episode 7 of our “Born to Design” Webcast series. During this Webcast we will be taking the example product we modelled in previous episodes and show you how we would go about continuing the design process using the complete suite of SOLIDWORKS products.

This episode will start by showing you how the new SOLIDWORKS Plastics Module can be used to analyse the manufacturability of the plastic cover and then we will see how SOLIDWORKS Sustainability can reduce the environmental impact of our design.


  • Overview and objectives to the “Born to Design“ project.
  • Proving that we can manufacture the component with the new SOLIDWORKS plastics module.
    - Analysing gate locations and runner balancing.
    - Avoiding weld lines, short shots, air traps and sink marks.
    -Overmoulding, multi-shot/co-injection, gas injection.
  • Reducing the environmental impact with SOLIDWORKS Sustainability. 
    - In-depth cradle-to-grave analysis of your product with life cycle assessment (LCA).
    - Using the LCA information to make smart, environmentally friendly decisions before manufacturing begins.

    If you have missed any of the earlier episodes you can catch up at any time at

Date Added

17 October, 2012


54 mins


SOLIDWORKS Simulation Standard

Sub Product

Plastic & Sustainability Analysis

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