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With over 35 years of experience, the TriMech Group offers a comprehensive range of design, engineering, staffing and manufacturing solutions backed by experience and expertise that is unrivalled in the industry. The TriMech Group's solutions are delivered by the divisions and brands shown here, use the links above to visit the group's websites and learn more.

3D Printers

From desktop to professional through to production 3D printers, Print 3D have your 3D printing requirements covered. 3D printing ultimately complements traditional technologies to improve product design and streamline manufacturing processes. If you require further information about how this technology can help you, please get in touch with us.
Print 3D
Discover 3D Printing

Formlabs 3D Printing

Formlabs printers are engineered for reliability and the production of prints. Use their printers to produce intricate artworks, rugged prototypes for engineering or watertight complex structures.

Desktop Metal 3D Printers

Desktop Metal 3D Printing

Office-friendly metal 3D printing designed as an end-to-end solution - the only way to print complex metal parts in-house from Desktop Metal

Ultimaker 3D Printers

Ultimaker 3D Printing

Accurate, consistent results - tailored to your business. Highly complex 3D prints, industrial-grade materials, maximum performance, and future-ready 3D printing experience. With ultimate accessibility.

Big Rep 3D Printers

Big Rep 3D Printing

BigRep 3D printers were created for a range of applications: from industrial rapid prototyping to ready-to-go design products.

They provide you an affordable and easy-to-use technology for large objects and ideas.

3D Systems 3D Printers

3D Systems 3D Printing

With the broadest scope of 3D printing technologies we offer you a perfect combination of 3D printing process, material and application expertise to integrate the right solution into your specific workflow. Benefit from cutting time and expense in your development and production processes.

3D Printing Materials

3D Printing Materials

Our extensive and versatile portfolio of engineered materials addresses the widest range of applications and performance characteristics in 3D printing, with plastic, elastomer, composite, metal and more material types.

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