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What is Q-Checker?
The world leading system for quality assurance in virtual development
Q-Checker Products allow companies to follow their own design principles and to meet essential quality requirements.

When integrated at the beginning in the design phase, Q-Checker can support both the design and engineering of products and parts by encourages model reuse to eliminate unnecessary rework. In addition to Q-Checker, Q-Monitor, another of the Q-Checker suite of products, allows for statistical assessments to establish a continuous improvement process for PDQ.
Reduce Unnecessary Rework
Q-checker enables you to reduce unnecessary re-work by ensuring that all project data is right-first-time and adheres to all set quality requirements.
Increase Designer Awarness
Our cloud hosted PDM servers are not just for companies just starting off with PDM. We have a full relocation service to move your existing SOLIDWORKS on-premise server to a cloud based equivalent.
Encourage Proactive Learning
Q-Checker can assist by identifying common design process mistakes and inefficient practices. It is like supporting each designer with the experience and advice of an expert user.
Promote Design Re-use
Because defects have traditionally been so common in models, most users prefer to rebuild their own, instead of reusing existing ones. Q-Checker can helps you to eliminate this habit.

Why choose Q-Checker?

Key Features
  • Enforcing internal CATIA standards: Q-Checker helps to ensure that corporate design standards and specifications for using CATIA are adhered to, allowing the design and production teams to become more productive and efficient and supporting higher product quality.
  • Supplier Confidence: OEMs working with Q-Checker have the confidence that they are sending their suppliers good quality data. At the same time, they can insist that their suppliers use a specific checking profile. Suppliers who use Q-Checker can assure their customers and partners that they are delivering accurate models that are based on a consistent standard of modelling practices.
  • Checking files transferred from other CAD software: CATIA users frequently need to use multiple CAD systems and data, a practice that frequently leads to problems with data translation. This usually calls for significant reworking and redesigning. Q-Checker helps to catch errors and adjust standards quickly and effectively, allowing for speedy recovery.
  • Check Seal: Q-Checker allows users to store the model results in a check seal. This provides still greater security and helps to save time since the receiving part does not have to be rechecked against the specified Profile.

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