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Essentials Training
Squeezed the essentials course down into 2 days at our request and still managed to cover everything in a clear and precise manner. Although I've been using SOLIDWORKS for a number of years (self-taught) I still learnt a huge amount from Russell.
Essentials Training
Our trainer was very articulate and professional. He was very patient and explanatory to the to the less experienced users. The course itself was very well presented and I felt that I learned much which I can now apply to my business.
Surface Modelling Training
Service Rating : Benji Wilson was not only an extremely knowledgeable tutor, he was also hilarious. He kept it interesting and also adjusted the curriculum to my specific requirements. Really glad to have done this course.
Product : excellent as always! highly recommended
Advanced Part Modelling Training
Another good tutor, patient and always prepared to help.
Simulation Fundamentals Training
A lot to take in on one day, but the instructor did very well in my opinion. Good course.
PDM Professional Training
We went through manual and it's fine. But engineer should be able to answer more advanced questions.
For me same training could be done online (video manual).
Feedback Response: Hi, 

Thanks for your feedback. The instructor who lead this event is part of our PDM team and has considerable experience with the PDM product and further aspects of API. After discussing the event with him I feel that some of the questions asked of him were beyond the course content and although we will always try to answer all questions raised we must recognise that there is a set agenda with key topics that need to be covered. Out of fairness to other attendees, some questions may have been noted and dealt with at the end of the course to keep the course moving along and relevant to all those attending the event. If you do still have questions outstanding, please do not hesitate to contact our support desk to discuss these further – 01926 333777. There is always a member of the PDM team on our support desk in order to provide you with the best advice.

In relation to video learning, this is something we have traditionally steered away from as it is felt that it would deprive attendees of the opportunity to ask additional questions and furthermore when something does go wrong, and you need additional guidance, there is no one around to help. We are investigating the possibility of adding additional eLearning resources which specifically follow up on the course content, however this resource would be intended to support the physical classroom course, not to replace it.

If you wish to contact me directly to discuss this matter please don’t hesitate to either call on the number mentioned above or email to

Kind Regards, Peter Harkness | Training Manager.
Surface Modelling Training
Course was presented excellently in a clear friendly way.
SolidCAM CAD Essentials Training
Service Rating : Extremely helpful and approachable
Product : Excellent course to start on for someone who has no prior experience or knowledge. Processes were kept simple and not over complicated making it easy to digest information
Essentials Training
Trainers are extremely proficient and knowledgeable as you would expect.
For people who are relatively slow at picking things up the time constraints are an issue, particularly if the software is not accessible other than at the course.
PDM Standard
Service Rating : He was very friendly and approachable and had good knowledge of the PDM software, but could have planned the lessons better.
Product : Course could have been condensed into a day and a half. A lot of waiting around and finished early both days.
Feedback Response: Hi, Thanks for leaving this feedback. On this occasion, I feel a great deal of sympathy for the instructor as this was his first time leading a class through this course. It's a particularly difficult course to teach as the structure of the SOLIDWORKS training manual is not in the best order for your learning experience so the instructor has a responsibility to try and guide the class through the content in the best possible way. You will have noticed that we had another member of staff sit in on the course to ensure that no key content was missed or delivered incorrectly, and although no critical content was missed feedback was to improve upon the structure of the course. We will be working with the instructor to ensure that he develops with practice and can meet the high standards we aim to achieve. If you would like to discuss this with me further or if you feel let down by our service please don't hesitate to contact me at to see if we can assist you further. Kind Regards, Peter Harkness | Training Manager
PDM Standard
Service Rating : Clear and attentive
Product : Could consider cleaning keyboards and surfaces.
Essentials Training
Service Rating : Good trainer, clear instructions and very helpful
Product : Good course, a lot to cram into four days.
Essentials Training
The course trainer was very knowledgeable on SOLIDWORKS and made every effort to answer questions. However I recommend that in future less emphasis is placed on covering every chapter in the book and more emphasis placed on ensuring that every student is comfortable with the basic features/commands. I realise that a class will contain varying levels of ability and tailoring the course to each individual is not practical, but there is nothing worse than feeling left behind and overwhelmed buy the course content.
Simulation Training
Service Rating : Clear and precise information - very knowledgeable and helpful
Product : Very pleased so far with FEA bolt on
Simulation Premium - Nonlinear Training
Service Rating : Andy is extremely knowledgeable about the subject of FEA and also the simulation software. I would highly recommend the Non Linear training course at Solid Solutions.
Product : A full day of training in a very pleasant environment with excellent facilities.
Weldments Training
good lesson, very helpful tutor.
SolidCAM CAD Essentials Training
Service Rating : Olly was a good mentor however he did get a little confused at times during demonstrations.
Product : The course was a lot packed into two days and it was a lot to take in. We got through the important units but should of had more time for practise and for the other units.
SolidCAM CAD Essentials Training
Service Rating : Helpful, especially when you get in a pickle
Product : Training course good, not yet had any dealings with support calls
Advanced Part Modelling Training
Course Trainer - Ben Pearson

The course content was great. I did not award 5 stars because on a few occasions, questions were asked with the response of "I'm not sure, I don't know". I would have preferred to hear "I'm not sure but I will look into this and get back to you on that one before the end of the course".

As stated above the course content was great and Ben did a good job delivering/explaining everything.
Drawings Training
Service Rating : All the courses I've been on have been very good. Very informative and the tutors are always willing to help with any issues whether its course related or not
Product : Always very helpful and knowledgeable
Simulation Training
Service Rating : Excellent course, excellent location, very knowledgeable staff and well-planned course for 3 days
Product : Great help and support, very ideal for small business with few people using solidwork
Essentials Training
Service Rating : Trainer was knowledgeable and answered all of my questions.
Product : Facilities were excellent
Advanced Part Modelling Training
I thought the course was excellent, the pace just right and the support was second to none. All our questions were answered and those that weren't were researched.
Drawings Training
Service Rating : Excellent course ,course trainer was spot on
Product : Very informative,important part of SOLIDWORKS package.
Simulation Training
Service Rating : Fin was a very good trainer with an in depth knowledge of the product.
Product : The training course itself was very good. However, some of the case studies/exercises did not work properly, probably due to being created on an older version of Simulation. Just needs an update on some of the material.
Pipe and Tube Routing Training
It was good to be instructed by someone who's very enthusiastic about the software and its capabilities and a good attitude towards people a little slow on the uptake.
Essentials Training
Service Rating : Extremely knowledgeable about the software and the course, very helpful in answering general questions and suggesting further courses. Eternally patient whenever I broke the software.
Product : The course was a good introduction to using the software; simple enough that even I could get my head around it but still had enough stuff to show off some new tricks.
Essentials Training
Service Rating : A fantastic four days at Solid Solutions HQ. Tom was a great trainer who managed to keep the course going at a good pace whilst making sure everyone was still following along and happy with the content, which I imagine can be difficult in a mixed ability group like ours.
Product : Although having used SOLIDWORKS for around 3 months now but with no formal training the essentials course has really opened my eyes to a lot more of the functionality in the software. I'm already looking forward to the next couple of courses I have booked!
Essentials Training
Service Rating : I found the SOLIDWORKS Essentials course very well structured, any queries or concerns that i had throughout the 4-Day course, were well answered, and often re-phrased for ease of understanding.
Product : As mentioned previously, when raising questions during the course, our trainer was able to easily answer them, showing great knowledge of SOLIDWORKS and what it has to offer.
He also showed different approaches to the software and features, to be similar to that of the software we are used to (Creo).
Electrical Schematics Training
Service Rating : This is the second course I have attended with Patrick. As before, he is highly knowledgeable and is able to adapt his delivery to meet individual needs and maintain the team need balance.
Product : This course does not require previous knowledge of the SOLIDWORKS platform. It follows a relatively logical progression and doesn't overpower with mnemonics or abbreviations.

My only criticism on the content is that rather than use different examples that are pre-created, it may prove more beneficial to create a project from scratch and then enhance it with each lesson that follows.

The course could also benefit from slight extension to 2.5 or 3 days. There was a lot of information conveyed and not enough time to cement the theory into practise. This was not the fault of the instructor, merely time constraints.
Motion Simulation Training
Very good training, interesting, relevant and efficient.
Visualize Standard Training
Service Rating : Some really good tips on using solid objects as a lighting source for added effect.
Product : Some good content, and good course for anyone who hasn't used visualise before
Simulation Training
Service Rating : Thorough but didn't waste time. Enjoyed the training and it was immensely helpful.
Product : Lots of detail, very helpful for what we are trying to achieve.
Visualize Professional Training
Service Rating : Good teaching progress and accurate apply with my enquiries
Product : Good distribution and content of the studying
Simulation Training
Service Rating : Julie was a fantastic trainer, the information was clear & she took the time to check on everyones progress & answered all queries.
Product : The training course was generally good, although let down by the fact that certain screenshots in the manual showed incorrect results for the simulation exercises. Whilst these errors were confirmed by the instructor, this will result in problems in the future if trying to use these exercises as a reference guide. The manual clearly hadn't been proof read/tested before it was printed.
Simulation Training
Service Rating : Excellent trainer. She was really knowledgeable about the Simulation software and made a complex topic very accessible.
Product : Brilliant course!!! Very well explained and accessible
Electrical Schematics Training
The training was comprehensive and informative, however, I feel with the amount of lessons to be covered this should be more than a 2 day course or possibly schedule the later lessons (plc etc) as a separate course. We did not have time to adequately go through the exercises but overall it gave a good starting position. The course trainer was courteous and fairly knowledgeable but a few specific questions caused some uncertainty.
Assembly Modelling Training
went through the course at a good pace taking longer on lessons which we found tougher than other. left the course with all my questions answered and now putting into practice what i learned.
Advanced Part Modelling Training
Service Rating : very helpful. Explained everything in a thorough manner and went at the right pace for everyone, stopping and explaining whenever anyone needed help.
Product : Excellent, the desk and the computer was well set out and in good distance from the teaching projector.
Advanced Part Modelling Training
good pace, examples were clear to follow and material is excellent.
Drawings Training
Service Rating : The trainer was very friendly and very helpful. However, he didn't seem to have experience with making actual technical drawings besides the training tutorials. It would be nice to have a trainer that has made technical drawings in his career, someone that knows the rules of thumbs and the difficulties.
Product : From the course book and training files, I get the idea that technical drawings are not the strongest point of SOLIDWORKS. I found the Advanced Part Modelling much more useful and better in showing key strengths of SOLIDWORKS.
Assembly Modelling Training
Service Rating : The trainer (Rod) was very helpful. Rod had a great knowledge of SOLIDWORKS and was very helpful with queries we had.
Product : Great course and very helpful. The course itself has a lot to go through but over the two days this wasn't an issue.
Essentials Training
Service Rating : Yassim was a Brilliant trainer, he was very knowledgeable and patient. Give that man a raise!
Product : Brilliant course and trainer. Essentials is a great way to start with SOLIDWORKS, but i would advise spending sometime before the course to familiarize yourself with it first as this will make the course much more enjoyable.
Flow Simulation Training
Service Rating : Two day course was really helpful, good course notes, really helpful trainer with good knowledge of the topics.
Product : Flow Sim training really helpful. Great course content.
Simulation Professional Training
Service Rating : All my questions answered .

Thank you
Product : Course filled all the gaps
Composer Training
Service Rating : It was a great course
Product : It was a really great course
Flow Simulation Training
Very informative trainer and went out of her way to ensure we could relate what we had learnt back to what we will be using the software for. I now have a much better understanding of what Flow Simulation can do and how we can use it.
Advanced Part Modelling Training
Service Rating : Good knowledge of the software, quite biased to the product design industry though
Product : Good course, I needed to have more experience with the softwqre
Assembly Modelling Training
Service Rating : The course was heavily paced, which was communicated at the beginning of training. Ben was available to help when needed without slowing down the group to much. He was also available to help with any queries industry specified issues after the training schedule.

Overall the experience was enjoyable and helpful.

Maybe a bit more time over the course would help improved speed flow when doing the exercises.
Product : Overall great but could do with more time on the exercise during the days.