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Advanced Part Modelling Training
good pace, examples were clear to follow and material is excellent.
Drawings Training
Service Rating : The trainer was very friendly and very helpful. However, he didn't seem to have experience with making actual technical drawings besides the training tutorials. It would be nice to have a trainer that has made technical drawings in his career, someone that knows the rules of thumbs and the difficulties.
Product : From the course book and training files, I get the idea that technical drawings are not the strongest point of SOLIDWORKS. I found the Advanced Part Modelling much more useful and better in showing key strengths of SOLIDWORKS.
Assembly Modelling Training
Service Rating : The trainer (Rod) was very helpful. Rod had a great knowledge of SOLIDWORKS and was very helpful with queries we had.
Product : Great course and very helpful. The course itself has a lot to go through but over the two days this wasn't an issue.
Essentials Training
Service Rating : Yassim was a Brilliant trainer, he was very knowledgeable and patient. Give that man a raise!
Product : Brilliant course and trainer. Essentials is a great way to start with SOLIDWORKS, but i would advise spending sometime before the course to familiarize yourself with it first as this will make the course much more enjoyable.
Flow Simulation Training
Service Rating : Two day course was really helpful, good course notes, really helpful trainer with good knowledge of the topics.
Product : Flow Sim training really helpful. Great course content.
Simulation Professional Training
Service Rating : All my questions answered .

Thank you
Product : Course filled all the gaps
Composer Training
Service Rating : It was a great course
Product : It was a really great course
Flow Simulation Training
Very informative trainer and went out of her way to ensure we could relate what we had learnt back to what we will be using the software for. I now have a much better understanding of what Flow Simulation can do and how we can use it.
Advanced Part Modelling Training
Service Rating : Good knowledge of the software, quite biased to the product design industry though
Product : Good course, I needed to have more experience with the softwqre
Assembly Modelling Training
Service Rating : The course was heavily paced, which was communicated at the beginning of training. Ben was available to help when needed without slowing down the group to much. He was also available to help with any queries industry specified issues after the training schedule.

Overall the experience was enjoyable and helpful.

Maybe a bit more time over the course would help improved speed flow when doing the exercises.
Product : Overall great but could do with more time on the exercise during the days.
Advanced Part Modelling Training
Jonathan delivered the course very well, as all trainers do. Great knowledge of how things work and explained very well how to do things. Helped when people were stuck and was going through the exercises at a good speed for all.
Certification day
Service Rating : The support engineer was very helpful and answered all questions professionally.
Product : I attended a free certification day therefore no purchases where made, although I do want to get as many certs as I can in the future.
Essentials Training
Service Rating : Rory has extensive knowledge of the software and was able to answer all of the questions put to him. The course was comprehensive and covered many aspects of SOLIDWORKS.
The pace of the course is good and is not too quick that you cannot take everything in.
Product : Very good course covering lots of SOLIDWORKS topics.
Certification day
Service Rating : Very helpful, answered all the questions asked.
Product : Very easy contact, helpful and friendly staff.
Weldments Training
Service Rating : knew program very well and explained clearly
Product : problems solved and course good.
Essentials Training
Service Rating : Excellent, All topics were clearly ran through and thoroughly described. I was an interesting and enjoyable experience.
Product : Great, the set up supplied was everything that was needed
Essentials Training
Service Rating : Rory was very professional and extremely knowledgeable. , the venue was good as well.
Product : They were very good, good support, sales process was professional.
Certification day
Service Rating : The course was roughly split in to 2 halves, a 'training session' in the morning and the exam in the afternoon.

The morning phase would have really benefited from a proper training session on the powerpoint presentation - use of global variables, sketching on curved surfaces etc. Instead we were left to the practise exams, which feature things not in the final exam.

Facilities were great and the trainer was helpful when prompted with a question
Product : The course was roughly split in to 2 halves, a 'training session' in the morning and the exam in the afternoon.

The morning phase would have really benefited from a proper training session on the powerpoint presentation - use of global variables, sketching on curved surfaces etc. Instead we were left to the practise exams, which feature things not in the final exam.

Facilities were great and the trainer was helpful when prompted with a question
Feedback Response: Hi, 
thanks for leaving the feedback about this Certification Event. I'm pleased that you found our instructor helpful and liked the facilities. As I'm sure you realise we cater to people of mixed abilities and who therefore want to try different exams. One of the best slides I think we offer in our morning session is one listing lots of key functions that will come up in the exam giving the attendees to the ability to shout out the ones they don't know and ask more questions about them. In this way we don't waste time covering ground that people may already know, instead, we try to cater to the needs of each group and only cover requested content. 
I have set aside a day for our lead certification instructor to work through the powerpoint and try to improve the 'feature vignettes' that are included in the morning session. This will be in place for our next session in June. I hope to see you there and wish you the best of luck as you progress through the SOLIDWORKS certification scheme. Please feel free to contact me at the number below if you wish to discuss this further as all feedback is greatly appreciated. 
Kind Regards, Peter Harkness | Training Manager 01926333777
Essentials Training
Service Rating : Rory was very patient and knowledgeable of SOLIDWORKS tricks and errors.
Product : Essentials course was really good, very detailed. If someone worked with SOLIDWORKS before the pace might be a bit slow but they will still learn a lot of new, useful stuff.
Essentials Training
Service Rating : Excellent course with a well thought (and planned) training days. Every single aspect in the book was covered, including on the final day when other courses start skipping out things. The lecturer was helpful, knowledgeable with a good depth of experience to cover other aspects of SOLIDWORKS.

I did sometimes find the pace of the course a bit fast at times, but this could be due to my inexperience of SOLIDWORKS or Mechanical engineering.
Product : The course was excellent and well paced. Every aspect of the book was covered.
Essentials Training
Service Rating : knowledgeable instructor, good atmosphere
Product : I thought it was very good
Simulation Training
Service Rating : I'm very satisfied with the service provided
Product : I've found the training really useful, it will help me to improve my design work. Finn made it simple and clear. He was always willing to help and give the best advice.
Weldments Training
Service Rating : Very informative and easy to understand. Great weldments course.
Product : Same again, the trainer was very easy to understand and made sure everyone was up to speed.
Flow Simulation Training
Service Rating : Excellent product knowledge, well paced and course material tailored to our specific requirements.
Product : The training course covered everything required to start using the software effectively. The only negative is the course books were for the 2016 software version so some of the steps/screenshots didn't match up with the 2017 software.
Simulation Training
Service Rating : The course trainer was very good, friendly and was trying to explain and help all of us. Good support and great course.
Product : Everytime I seek support they do help me and we always find the solution to the problems.
Weldments Training
Service Rating : Friendly and informative, always enjoyable. Thank you.
Product : professional & polite service. thank you
Essentials Training
The Trainer showed excellent knowledge of the software and had a good rapport with all the trainees.

While i found the level of training and the trainer were excellent, I felt to call this an Essentials Training course was a little miss leading. I had no knowledge of Solid works but found that the content was aimed at persons new to 3D modeling.

It was more of a Basic Modeling course with a small amount of Drawing and Assembly at the end.

I appreciate that you have specific course for Drawings, Assemblies and Advanced modeling, but i felt that it was not a very well rounded course for the title of essentials.
Simulation Training
Very informative course of FEA, showing us how to apply the different tools and also the reasoning behind it. The trainer (Fin Jackson) was very supportive and explained each lesson in depth, helping us to learn new skills.
Sheet Metal Training
Service Rating : Knowledgeable trainer, offered full support with help/questions.
Product : Very useful course. Issue with some computers at the start of the course where required documents were not available, seemed to be an issue with restoring after previous course.
Surface Modelling Training
Service Rating : Very professional, subject well explained, all the questions answered
Product : Very good and professional
Simulation Fundamentals Training
Service Rating : Very well versed in the software and was able to show the capabilities and limitations of the program as well as the accuracy of the results
Product : good basic introduction to the software
Essentials Training
Before I came to the SOLIDWORKS 2017 Essentials training course, I thought it could be a quite easy ride for me, since I have been using SW 2013 and its earlier versions for many years. During the course I found that the new SW had changed a lot during the four years, so it was really interesting to learn some new ways of doing the same thing but faster and many short cuts.
The whole 4-day course had been busy for me. The trainer Tom is very good, tried hard to show more useful ideas and helped us with patience. I look forward to further, more advance SW trainings in the near future.
Visualize Professional Training
The Visualize software is a huge improvement from Photo 360, it certainly outputs more realistic and higher quality images so it was great to learn what the package can do.

The trainer, Ben, was very passionate about the software. This excitement sometimes came out with rushed instructions or assumptions that you have a similar level of understanding. It was often a quick 'push this button', rather than the style of previously attended courses which were approached from a more educational stance; 'this button will.... which in turn... and you can achieve... as it calculates...'. I found myself having to ask many questions which I wasn't always comfortable / felt silly doing, though credit to Ben who would always answer.

The Solid Solutions Leamington Offices are lovely, however are greatly let down by the continually disappointing lunches. Please look into a different supplier.
Feedback Response: Hi,
Thanks for the feedback it's always great for our instructors to hear such kind comments. I just wanted to let you know that I have contacted canteen in our building and have asked them to put together a proposal for a different lunch offering, hopefully improving on what we are currently provided with. Thanks again for taking the time to leave these comments as it's only via feedback like this that we can improve our service. 
Kind Regards Peter Harkness | Training Manager
Essentials Training
Very good knowledge of the product, helped with individual specific problems
Essentials Training
I was extremely impressed with Tom Watkins as a teacher. His ability to clarify things and to answer difficult questions is formidable. The only factor preventing me from giving 5 stars is how I found the pace of the course, which is governed by the ratio of the time and the amount of material to cover. This has been my experience on all the courses I have attended.
Advanced Part Modelling Training
Service Rating : Not only was Tom able to answer all my questions, he was patient and ensured i had understood things before moving on. In addition, he was keen to help me apply the learning to my specific use of SOLIDWORKS.
Product : I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the training to a new user (maybe even an existing user if they are in a rutt!). The helpdesk has been able to help me most of the time. Whilst i try to work things out for myself, I know there is a team of people who can and will help on the other end of the phone.
PhotoView 360 Training
Service Rating : Excellent. A++++
Product : Excellent. A++++ .
PhotoView 360 Training
Service Rating : Good relaxed informative. Very good in his role (as you might expect for a training manager)
Product : Always there to help us through our problems
Sheet Metal Training
Service Rating : great course, great location. would like all courses to be available at Cambridge though.
Product : great course well trained
Assembly Modelling Training
Service Rating : Very useful course. The small class size enabled my instructor to give me plenty of advice and personal attention.
Product : Great course! Good service as always.
Surface Modelling Training
Service Rating : Ollie was really helpful and knowledgeable. He was able to convey concepts clearly and efficiently.
Product : The course covered everything I was hoping it would.
Surface Modelling Training
Service Rating : Very useful course, 1 to 1 help available when needed
Product : Very good, well informed, nice environment, friendly relaxed atmosphere, free food!!
Surface Modelling Training
Service Rating : Olly was very good, clear and was always happy to help. A small group helped if we needed to ask questions or were stuck on a particular exercise.
Product : Very good. I would recommend to others......
Composer Training
A very professional and knowledgeable course trainer. He was friendly and helpful.
I was lucky to be part of a smaller group so had plenty of one-on-one training, which I felt like I needed at times to help pick up certain features of the software.
Assembly Modelling Training
Service Rating : Was very patient with us all when we lost track of where we were on a particular command. Considering how intense the course was (it could be done over 3 days) he covered everything very well.
Product : Good course. Already started to use new skills.
Composer Training
Excellent: course, trainer, site, & food. Pace was a bit too quick though, perhaps make it 3 days.
Weldments Training
Very good course. Made easy to understand.
Essentials Training
Rory Niles was "Brilliant". His patience and assistance during the course with a relative novice were exceptional.
Well done Rory and thanks for all your help!
I'm now looking forward to getting some practice at work.
Weldments Training
Service Rating : Great trainer, really knew his stuff and could answer any questions we had.
Product : Really good course, learnt what i needed to. Will definitely attend more.