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Assembly Modelling Training
Service Rating : Very useful course. The small class size enabled my instructor to give me plenty of advice and personal attention.
Product : Great course! Good service as always.
Surface Modelling Training
Service Rating : Ollie was really helpful and knowledgeable. He was able to convey concepts clearly and efficiently.
Product : The course covered everything I was hoping it would.
Surface Modelling Training
Service Rating : Very useful course, 1 to 1 help available when needed
Product : Very good, well informed, nice environment, friendly relaxed atmosphere, free food!!
Surface Modelling Training
Service Rating : Olly was very good, clear and was always happy to help. A small group helped if we needed to ask questions or were stuck on a particular exercise.
Product : Very good. I would recommend to others......
Composer Training
A very professional and knowledgeable course trainer. He was friendly and helpful.
I was lucky to be part of a smaller group so had plenty of one-on-one training, which I felt like I needed at times to help pick up certain features of the software.
Assembly Modelling Training
Service Rating : Was very patient with us all when we lost track of where we were on a particular command. Considering how intense the course was (it could be done over 3 days) he covered everything very well.
Product : Good course. Already started to use new skills.
Composer Training
Excellent: course, trainer, site, & food. Pace was a bit too quick though, perhaps make it 3 days.
Weldments Training
Very good course. Made easy to understand.
Essentials Training
Rory Niles was "Brilliant". His patience and assistance during the course with a relative novice were exceptional.
Well done Rory and thanks for all your help!
I'm now looking forward to getting some practice at work.
Weldments Training
Service Rating : Great trainer, really knew his stuff and could answer any questions we had.
Product : Really good course, learnt what i needed to. Will definitely attend more.
Essentials Training
Good course covering everything as expected. Will book further courses to cover the individual subjects in more detail.
Essentials Training
Service Rating : Clear, confidently taught, and helpful.
Product : Good course. Covered lots and feel confident with the knowledge gained.
Mould Design Training
Lots of pre-complete examples within the course, fast paced, and full of content, the reference book will certainly come in handy. The course trainer ensured that any mistakes were corrected and explained how/why they occurred. Well delivered and contained lots of tips and tricks on mould design.
Essentials Training
Service Rating : Very energetic and kept my interest throughout. Had in depth knowledge on all questions asked, relevant and not so relevant. Thanks for a great few days.
Product : Very energetic and kept my interest throughout. Had in depth knowledge on all questions asked, relevant and not so relevant. Thanks for a great few days.
Pipe and Tube Routing Training
Service Rating : Excellent course with great tuition.
Product : top service as always. A++++++
Simulation Training
Service Rating : Top class training provided in a very clear and supportive manner.
Product : Course content was concise and informative
Assembly Modelling Training
Both very knowledgeable about SOLIDWORKS and I feel the training was very thorough in the subject topic.
Electrical Schematics Training
Service Rating : Instruction was very good. The content could have been a bit better especially about connectors. I think the software is quite powerful but..... will need a bit of customising to get what I require from it.
Product : The support is very good in general
Simulation Training
Service Rating : Julie was a good trainer. She was well organised and knowledgeable. She was also very patient with some of the less intelligible questions I asked.
Product : The course was positively comprehensive. The different models used to demonstrate aspects about simulation were useful in showcasing the variety of problems that Simulation can be used to solve.
Sheet Metal Training
Service Rating : Very knowledgeable, professional and thorough. Really enjoyed the course and learned a lot.
Product : The Training Course was easy to understand with well laid out steps. Very well done.
Assembly Modelling Training
Service Rating : Very helpful, found the course to be a little tricky but the instructor was on hand to help.
Product : Very good course. Well worth investing in. Booked up for two more courses!!
Sheet Metal Training
Service Rating : Big thanks to Jon, who was excellent throughout. Very knowledgeable and helpful.
Product : Excellent course, really enjoyed the content.
Drawings Training
Service Rating : Very good
Product : Really good course. Learnt a lot.
Essentials Training
Service Rating : Very knowledgeable and well prepared.

Familiar with common mistakes which one makes during the exercise to instantly point out those mistakes and rectify them accordingly.

Friendly, pleasent and never come across as being patronising.
Product : Facility is execellent.

Traninng stations all made ready and fit for purpose.

Spacious room with good lighting, comfortable seats well placed with large screen for delivering course material

Good supply of water and beverages throughout the day.

Great canteen with enough varieties of food to suit different tastes.
Essentials Training
Service Rating : Engaging, knowledgeable and blessed with the requisite sense of humour.
Product : SOLIDWORKS Essentials. A good introduction to CAD and the software application - informing us of the wide range of technical capabilities available from SOLIDWORKS.
Essentials Training
Patient and very knowledgeable
Simulation Training
Service Rating : Very competent, quite fast paced but willing to help whenever needed.
Product : Course content was good, would have liked a bit more on heat transfer - but I believe this is a more advanced course.
The amount of material that had to be absorbed each day was just about right.
Essentials Training
Service Rating : Very informative. Patient. Helped me to learn specific shortcuts related to my job.
Product : Good course, used it more to re-affirm my knowledge for particular parts.
Essentials Training
Service Rating : Very helpful and knowledgeable with lots of patience
Product : Fast paced and very full, some prior experience a must but having a live trainer adds hugely more value than online or book alone.
Drawings Training
Service Rating : Friendly, went at a good pace for everyone to keep up with and knew his stuff
Product : The second day was the most useful day of the course, where I learnt a lot.
Essentials Training
Service Rating : Chris Green was a great instructor and very patient specially with a slow learner!!
Product : wondered if the training course could maybe be split up as was a lot to take in over 4 days when starting from scratch
Essentials Training
Service Rating : Good knowledge of the product
Product : I feel a beginners course could be added for non users.
Simulation Training
Service Rating : Julie was ever so personable and has a real skill at clearly and concisely explaining complex theory.
Product : Very good indeed, the only concern is there's a great deal of variables within simulation that are guided through the book. Once away from the direct support of our trainer it is likely to take a while of stumbling through before getting accurate outcomes. It could be helpful to have a section designated to CAD files you personally bring in and inspecting them, this would be much truer to real life than pre-prepared CAD files within the exercises.
Assembly Modelling Training
Service Rating : Support Engineering was externally helpful with any problems we had, and the workload was evenly spread out throughout the days, although i didn't find the SOLIDWORKS Treehouse software very useful.
Product : Support Engineering was externally helpful with any problems we had, and the workload was evenly spread out throughout the days, although i didn't find the SOLIDWORKS Treehouse software very useful.
Essentials Training
Service Rating : Chris was great. Really at home with the material and the software. Clear explanations, lots of helpful hints and tips, and overall did a really good job.
Product : The Essentials course is to get a complete beginner up to a basic standard of competence with the software. That is exactly what happened - I was a complete beginner, and now I am competent! I am under no illusions that I know everything - SOLIDWORKS is far too complex and powerful to learn everything in four days. However, I can now build parts, create assemblies, do some basic simulation work, generate drawings for sending to manufacture, and I have a great base on which to build. For anybody wanting to learn the software and get a good grounding in all aspects of it, this course is excellent!
Essentials Training
Service Rating : Knowledgable, clear and supportive
Product : Useful, comprehensive, with a good balance between lesson and exercises
Essentials Training
Service Rating : Very thorough and knowledgeable!
Product : I came away with a lot of knowledge considering this was my first time on Solid Works. The course was presented in a organised and interesting way.
SolidCAM CAD Essentials Training
Course kept me interested at all times
Essentials Training
Very good course with lots of content. Tom is very knowledgeable and helpful. It is taught at a good pace ensuring everyone fully understands and helps if not. Great introduction to SOLIDWORKS.
Essentials Training
Service Rating : Very good. Went through the course at the right pace for everyone to ensure all was covered thoroughly and stopped to give help to anyone at any moment. The food was also great.
Product : The training course was excellent. Both the facilities and the training were of high standard. Taught in a relaxed and thorough manner.
PDM Professional Training
Tom was helpful and made everyone feel at ease. He offered refreshments and comfort breaks regularly.
Service Rating : Very knowledgeable, keen to help and interact.
Product : Excellent. Having the software prior to the course to play around with it was advantageous as well
Essentials Training
Service Rating : Well planned and well presented.
Product : Very informative, I have used SOLIDWORKS for few years but still learnt a lot.
Essentials Training
Willing to help, clear and understands that there is never a daft question!
Visualize Standard Training
Service Rating : Very knowledgeable on the subject being taught and very personable.
Product : Quite expensive for what it is
Feedback Response: Hi. I'm sorry to hear this comment from you and will be in touch to discuss where you feel the event was lacking given the value placed upon it. Thank you for your feedback as I very much appreciate any comments that may help to improve our service offering. I had always believed that when compared to other classroom based training classes (in our own industry and in others) our price point was quite fair, often undercutting the competition. I wont speculate though on what could be the motivation for your feelings towards the event, and look forward to discussing this with you further via email. Kind Regards, Peter Harkness - Training Manager.
Essentials Training
Really enjoyed the course. Premises was good and trainer very capable.
Assembly Modelling Training
Excellent trainer made sure we were all up to speed and assisted as required.
Trainer was very knowledgable. Course was well prepared & fairly easy to follow.
Simulation Training
Very nice training and good teacher.