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With over 35 years of experience, the TriMech Group offers a comprehensive range of design, engineering, staffing and manufacturing solutions backed by experience and expertise that is unrivalled in the industry. The TriMech Group's solutions are delivered by the divisions and brands shown here, use the links above to visit the group's websites and learn more.



Design Automation Services from Solid Solutions
Increase Productivity with Design Automation
Automate repetitive tasks and free up time for your designers and engineers to work on product development and innovation. Solid Solutions offers complete software implementation and training through to full turnkey solutions for design automation.
What is Design Automation?
The term Design Automation describes the process of speeding up repetitive and laborious tasks using software tools. In many organisations, such tasks are often found in the design department and can create production bottlenecks.
  • Does your company create products that are the same but different?
  • Do you have repetitive design tasks that could be automated?
  • Could your products be defined by a set of rules?
If the answer is yes to any of these questions, then design automation could be a real benefit to your business.
What software do we use?
Our primary software to deliver design automation is DriveWorks. Any company that designs products, which can be thought of as ‘the same but different’, is likely to benefit from implementing design automation through DriveWorks. This phrase describes products that have the same key characteristics, but they are then produced as variants of the original design.
What solutions do we offer?
We offer both bespoke and configured solutions for companies that design and manufacture including other processes and departments within that organisation. We are able to automate the push and pull of data into other systems such as ERP, PDM and CRM platforms. Furthermore, we can create macros that work within SOLIDWORKS and DriveWorks to manage data through post-generative tasks to speed up design task even further or to meet very customer specific needs.
How do we implement Driveworks?
Our approach to implementing design automation is always centred on customer enablement. The real benefit of design automation is unlocked when customers are able to configure and deploy the tools themselves. Our involvement starts with helping scope and scale the projects, we then train key users and help deliver the first piece of design automation. It is common for customers to then move on through their business processes to automate new tasks thereby saving themselves more time and money.
Key Benefits
Some of the key benefits of implementing an automated system to design and manufacture;
  • Reduce cost of custom design (with approx. 80% of designs being automated)
  • Quicker response to sales inquiries – easy quotations
  • Better customer service – automated designs mean customers can immediately see what their order includes (e.g. BoM etc)
  • Enhanced product quality – automated system means less room for errors in production
  • Less time and money spent on design process – automation of repetitive tasks
  • Risk mitigation - less mistakes on the shop floor
  • Website integration - better functionality and service offered online
  • Centralised business information – all stored in one place; no issues with staff turnover as the information never leaves the business and can be easily picked up and taken forward by new recruits
  • Pathway to success with the guidance and partnership from Solid Solutions
Learn more about our Professional Design Automation Services

This document gives you a detailed overview of the Design Automation solutions and DriveWorks implementations we offer. We adopt a phased approach to all implementations, helping users to become productive more quickly. Learn more by clicking on booklet image on the right.

Ready to talk?

Our priority is to always provide you with the right solution and delivering it to meet your exact needs. Whether you’re looking to automate a single step or overhaul your whole design workflow we’re confident we can help improve your processes. The first step is always to talk. One of our consultants will meet you to learn about your business and discuss our various, proven implementation methods. We will then be happy to put a proposal together for you to consider and take it from there.

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