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3DEXPERIENCE for Start-Ups
A Complete Product Development Solution
Start-ups and early-stage businesses that meet the eligibility criteria can benefit from 3DEXPERIENCE for Start-ups, with access to best-in-class product development solutions, training, co-marketing opportunities and a tailored onboarding programme.

Using the 3DEXPERIENCE, you can harness the same product development power as industry leaders, such as Renault, Boeing, and Airbus, but in a scalable offering that can grow and adapt with your business and software costs that don’t break the bank.


Get started with world-class tools and support
The 3DEXPERIENCE Start-up Offer helps start-ups less than 5 years old spark their business with world-class solutions and support right from the start. Eligible businesses receive access to:
  • Up to 36 months of all bestselling 3DEXPERIENCE solutions – including CATIA, SIMULIA and ENOVIA.
  • Collaborative cloud computing resources to reduce hardware and maintenance costs.
  • Secure collaborative tools for agile product development.
  • Online training to master industry-specific skills like generative design.
  • Expert communities for networking and personal advice.
What is the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform?
3DEXPERIENCE on the cloud provides you with a complete suite of industry-leading solutions which gives you everything you’ll need to bring your idea to reality, including design & engineering, manufacturing & production, simulation, governance & collaboration.

It’s the simplest, most flexible way to gain access to the functionalities of CATIA, SIMULIA, ENOVIA, and other leading solutions to develop new products. The subscription model is “pay for what you use”: meaning that you only pay for access to the tools you need.

3DEXPERIENCE allows you to:
  • Design, develop and deliver large, complex products quickly, confidently and in collaboration with all stakeholders across design, engineering, and manufacturing processes, anytime and anywhere all through a single, unified platform.
  • Reduce time to market while ensuring exceptional quality assurance.
  • Virtually experiment before bringing ideas to the real world.
  • Connect all areas of your business from engineering, design and manufacture, through to sales, marketing and operations within a single platform.
  • Scale as your business grows and adapts without having to implement new systems.

Ready to find out more?

Apply for our 3DEXPERIENCE Start-Up Programme
Our 3DEXPERIENCE Start-up Offer is available for businesses that meet these criteria:
  • First-time customers of the 3DEXPERIENCE / Dassault Systèmes.
  • Companies designing and/or manufacturing their own physical products.
  • Companies mentored by an Accelerator, Incubator, or VC.
  • Companies up to 5 years old, up to £5 million in funding and up to £5 million in revenue.
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