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Switching CAD Systems



If you are considering switching your current CAD system to SOLIDWORKS, there are many things to help you transition over. From your existing CAD data, upskilling your staff, to introducing new workflows, we have experienced it all in our 28+ years in the Engineering and Design industry. Start a conversation with us today and we will explain the options open to your business and how we can help.

Why do companies switch to SOLIDWORKS?

Customers switch for many different reasons, these can be anything from CAD renewal costs, recruitment, lack of capability in their current CAD systems and lack of support. Here we investigate what you can expect when moving to SOLIDWORKS with the support from Solid Solutions.

What CAD System are you moving from?

Whether you are currently using AutoCAD Inventor, Fusion 360, PTC Creo, Siemens NX, SolidEdge or another CAD platform, the switch is not complicated. SOLIDWORKS Interconnect allows you to translate CAD data in these formats directly into SOLIDWORKS.

From our experience, the switching process is not the headache people usually expect. You can take your time translating your CAD data, this is not something you have to do all at once.

Can I get a free trial of SOLIDWORKS?

Yes, we offer a free 7 day trial and a 30 day trial.

7 Day Trial

With our 7 day online trial you can be up and running within an hour. However, the trial performance may depend on your internet connection and other web browser limitations.

30 Day Trial

With our 30 Day Trial a version of SOLIDWORKS Premium will be installed on your hardware, you will also have full access to our support desk and our customer portal, MySolidSolutions.

Request a free trial HERE.

Competitive Quote

Get a free quote and ROI assessment HERE.

Contact Solid Solutions today to get a competitive quote and to compare costs against your current CAD Software. Whether you are moving from a Free CAD option or a comparative professional 3D CAD software, we will match up our offering with a competitive proposal to help deliver your goals.

What are the main considerations when migrating to SOLIDWORKS?
Complete Solution

Growth and business success is driven by the employees who design, make, sell and support the products you offer and the clients you serve. If they have the best tools, and more importantly, the best training and support to do their job, you have a recipe for success.

Our customer development program, supported by the SOLIDWORKS portfolio of products, can help a company of any size and at any stage. If there is a requirement or opportunity to design, test, make, manage data or create marketing and sales content, Solid Solutions can provide a proven integrated solution.

Are you paying too much?
Implementing a new CAD tool to the workplace

Every implementation is different but from the many different customers Solid Solutions have assisted are many common themes and 'best practices'. Whether it is staged, project by project approach or a one time overhaul of the existing CAD data, mapping out the implementation plan is key part of our discussions.

Contact us today about moving to SOLIDWORKS and we will create a bespoke and competitive quote with a custom implementation plan suited to your requirements.

Integrated Simulation
Recruitment and Existing Skills

When employing new CAD users, you want the best for your business. A common driver for customers switching from other CAD software like Siemens NX, PTC Creo and SolidEdge, is the difference in users compared to SOLIDWORKS. Solid Solutions provide SOLIDWORKS to over 80% of the universities in the UK and a staggering 100% to Schools, Colleges and Universities in Ireland. Often the drive for SOLIDWORKS will come from within a business who have existing experience and knowledge of SOLIDWORKS.

Ready to talk?

Our priority is to always provide you with the right solution and delivering it to meet your exact needs. Changing CAD systems can be straight forward or complex. The first step is always to talk. One of our consultants will meet you to learn about your business and discuss our various, proven implementation methods. From this meeting we will put a proposal together for you to consider and we take it from there.