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SOLIDWORKS Elite Specialists

SOLIDWORKS University Research License

With SOLIDWORKS University Research Licence researchers can gain access to the latest in engineering technology to solve some of the most complex design problems with the ability to communicate ideas and designs with other users and industrial engineers around the globe.

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No Restrictions

With no restrictions for use in publications, industry funded projects and patent applications Academic Research Licences help project forward the life changing inventions of the future. Unlike the Education version, Academic Research Licences do not contain a watermark and instead follow the commercial release schedule.

Special Terms

Academic Research Licences must be owned, operated, and maintained by a college, university, or university-owned facility, and must be used exclusively for the purposes of research by professors, students, or internal research staff.
University-owned facilities may include research laboratories, cooperative/joint institute, medical schools, and teaching hospitals. In some cases, academic consortiums and non-profits may also qualify.
Academic Research Licences may not be owned or used by private government research laboratories, institutes, companies, or consortiums and please note Home Use Licences are not included.