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SOLIDWORKS Hardware Advice

SOLIDWORKS System Requirements and Recommendations

Hardware Requirements for SOLIDWORKS

When running SOLIDWORKS software, it’s essential to have a machine that is certified and which meets the SOLIDWORKS system requirements.

To help you find the best SOLIDWORKS hardware for your needs, we have created an easy checklist of hardware recommendations below based on our verified testing.

If you’d like tailored advice for your setup, then our dedicated hardware team can provide personal feedback. Contact us using the links below.

Looking to buy Hardware?

Having partnered with Dell for over 20 years, we can offer SOLIDWORKS certified hardware at great value and with next day delivery on most models. Each machine has been given a performance score for every SOLIDWORKS product, from CAD to Electrical, Simulation to machining.

Follow the links below to view available models, specifications and pricing.

Recommended SOLIDWORKS Hardware Specs

Processor - CPU
Intel 13th or 14th Generation CPU
The processor, or CPU, is responsible for the majority of the calculations carried out by SOLIDWORKS, the higher the speed, the better performance you can expect.
Further Details

CPU is measured in GHz, so look for this number as an indicator of processing power. Turbo Boost is also a winning feature when it comes to SOLIDWORKS.

CPU is generally split over a number of cores. Don’t get caught up on this though, SOLIDWORKS parts and assemblies can only make use of 1-2 cores at a time, due to the sequential rebuild nature for models.

Some assembly rebuilds, drawings with multiple views and simulations can take advantage of more cores at a time. CPU's such as Intel Xeons with more slower cores can cause a performance regression.

Memory - RAM
32GB Minimum, 64GB for Renders & Simulations
When opening a document, it is loaded into the memory of the machine, or the RAM. It is important that your machine has enough RAM for your working documents so as to not use the hard disc.
Further Details

32GB is typically sufficient for working with CAD datasets with hundreds to low thousands of components

If you are working with more complex designs or carrying out simulations or rendering, then 64GB or more may be required for these activities.

We would recommend 64GB of RAM and Error Code Correcting (ECC) RAM is beneficial to reduce the chance of crashes or errors when performing long running tasks.

Graphics Card
NVIDIA Ampere or Ada Lovelace min 4GB Memory
SOLIDWORKS requires a professional grade graphics card to perform seamlessly. Everyday CAD tasks such as panning, zooming, rotating your model rely on the graphical performance of your machine.
Further Details

Avoid all on-board Intel HD cards, consumer level or gaming cards such as GeForce. These are all unsupported and not designed for the output of a CAD system and would ultimately impact your experience and productivity.

SOLIDWORKS work with graphics card manufacturers to ensure reliable performance for professional cards, view a list of certified SOLIDWORKS graphics cards.

Storage - Hard Drive
Fast Solid State Drives, 512GB+
Solid State Drives (SSD) offer significant performance superiority. 512GB or more should provide a good working space for your operating system and programs. For Simulation or rendering tasks, your storage will want to be increased to 1TB or more.
What about network or cloud storage?

If you want to store your SOLIDWORKS data in the cloud or on a network is important to use CAD intelligent data management solution. Saving over a network without one, or uploading to cloud solutions such as dropbox or onedrive, risks your files becoming corrupted or losing references.

We offer a number of data management solutions and are happy to provide advice depending on your requirements. For entry level cloud data management we typically recommend SOLIDWORKS Cloud Services. For an on-premise network solution we find that SOLIDWORKS PDM is an effetive and popular choice for our customers.

Operating System
Windows 11 Professional
SOLIDWORKS is best run on a Windows Operating system.Windows 10 & 11 Professional or Enterprise 64bit are currently supported. Microsoft support for Windows 10 ends October 2025. SOLIDWORKS 2022 and newer support Windows 11. Can I run SOLIDWORKS on a Mac?
Monitor / Display
Laptop 15"+ / Desktop 24"+
When buying a new monitor, we recommend a resolution of 1920x1080 at a minimum size of 15.6 inches for laptops or 24 inches for desktops. 27 inch and 32 inch Monitors we would recommend QHD (2560 x 1440) resolution as the best balance.
Considerations for 4K Monitors

If looking to buy a 4K resolution monitor, then 27 inches is the minimum size you should consider. 4K is not recommended for laptop displays currently with SOLIDWORKS.

Please do check compatibility with other applications, as many enterprise level software lack full support for 4K.

Example Hardware Specifications

What does a good specification for running SOLIDWORKS look like? Below is an example of a configured machine which will give good performance for CAD work and suitable for the occasional visulaisation task or simulation studies.

All of the hardware we stock meet the recommended SOLIDWORKS system requirements and are certified for use with SOLIDWORKS. We have ranked our machines using a good, better, best methodology, you can view the performance ratings according to each software application on our SOLIDWORKS desktop and laptop pages.

Hardware Specification - Example
Performance Guideline - Example
SOLIDWORKS System Requirements
Server Recommendations
Video: Why update your hardware

Contact the Hardware Team

If you have any questions, simply fill out the form or call us on 01926333777 and we can advise you on your hardware options. You can also contact us on

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