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Meet the 3DWOX DP200
3D printing, simplified
  • The DP200 can check the operation status on PC and mobile in real time, and remote control is possible in case of trouble. With Ethernet, you can manage multiple printers with a single PC.

In more detail...

Auto Loading Filament
A world's first        

The world's first 'automatic supply' function is installed in a personal 3D printer to enhance user's convenience. It is possible to completely prevent nozzle clogging due to user's mistake.

5” Touch Panel with intuitive GUI
All at your finger tips!         

With a 5-inch color touch screen panel, you can swipe and tap the scroll way through to control just like your smart phone. An intuitive user interface that is programmed will ensure that you will not get lost.

Wide selection of connectivity options
Simplicity itself

Print everything you love from a secure and accessible location. DP200 provides a wide range of connectivity options including Ethernet, USB Flash drive, USB cable, and Wi-Fi.        

Assisted Bed Leveling

This function automatically checks the horizontal position of the printer bed. By turning the screw as the result of guiding from the touch screen, the best output is possible in the correct horizontal position.

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