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WOX 3D Printer

Meet the 3DWOX1
The 1 for Everyone
  • Easy to use and setup with Sindoh’s patented features such as the Assisted Bed Leveling and Filament Auto-loading/unloading
  • Includes HEPA filter (Commonly used in air purifiers) to arrest very fine particles produced during print effectively.
  • Open Source Filament Mode is available letting users to explore new printing possibilities.
  • Reduced sound level of 40db which is equivalent to a library noise level.

In more detail...

Want to use open source filament?

You may select the Open Material mode and discover further 3D printing possibilities or choose Sindoh filament to ensure the consistency in print quality. * Please refer to the manufacturer’s recommendation list for using non-Sindoh filament.

Reliable Flexible Bed
Just peel it!

The flexible metal bed plate of 3DWOX 1 enhances both safety and bed adhesion. Think of what can be achieved with the flexibility and heating It is a revolution.

HEPA Filter
Breathe Easy

High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filter, commonly used in air purifiers, is designed to arrest very fine particles effectively. The 3DWOX 1 comes with HEPA filter that will absorb any dust created during printing. Let 3DWOX 1 assist you create a healthy printing environment for your loved ones.

Enjoy the silence

Silence is the most pleasing sound of 3D printing.With its library noise level of 40 dB(A), you can now enjoy doing all kinds of things that require silence such as reading a book or taking a nap.

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