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Essentials Training
Very helpful, knowledgeable and patient. Clear explanations all the way through the training.
Essentials Training
Ryan was very helpful to us all throughout the course, spending time with each of us to ensure we were happy with all of the lessons and exercises. There were certain sections that were more beneficial to each of us that we would have liked to spend more time on perhaps but it is an intensive course that covers so much material. He also managed to get some additional tips and information about certain aspects in that was also very helpful. Thank you to him and SS for a really good few days!
we are going through a transition and I use support for numerous reasons at least once a week. incredible service and very knowledgeable engineers
Essentials Training
Service Rating : Very knowledgeable and always knew the answers to all questions.
Product : Great course, especially if you are looking for an overview of what the software can do.
Service Rating : Rory was able to provide links and details of issues to resolve installation issue.
Product : Quick resolution to problem
The support engineer was very helpful in dealing with my problem, and offered help with the upgrade. Thank you!
Responded very quickly with correct information to my email enquiry
Certification day
Service Rating : Well structured course and exam and excellent delivery in a professional setting,
Thanks to Fin and Richard

Free lunch was a bonus too!
Product : Excellent Certification day and well planned an executed
Certification day
Attended the Certification Day unsure exactly of which test to take. Day was set out very well and relaxed. Realised that it would be best to take CWSA and look at taking CWSP in the future. Richard led us all day and prepared us for the test in the morning before taking it after lunch. He was very polite, concise and helpful and I ended up passing the CWSA in the afternoon. Definitely a good way to take the SOLIDWORKS Certification tests.
Certification day
Service Rating : I would give him five stars.
Product : Rather than do the certification exams on my own it is always good to do it in an environment suitable for that. And also with an support engineer around us.
Service Rating : Polite, Enthusiastic, and Informative support from Graham Stephenson.
Thankyou Graham!
Product : Thankyou Solid Solutions !
Certification day
Service Rating : Fin has a great level of knowledge and an effective method of teaching. I was made to feel comfortable and relaxed prior to my exam and I feel as though that helped me greatly.
Product : Thorough, effective and complete. A+ would highly recommend
I would recommend and buy again
Service Rating : My review is admittedly after just one help request after getting started with SOLIDWORKS, but it was dealt with quickly, efficiently and pleasantly and the prolem was worked through with me and sorted. So far very good.
Product : As stated in the last section, the help provided was good.
This problem seems more of a glitch with SOLIDWORKS software than a lack of support. however I was a little disappointed as the only solution was to start the drawing from scratch to solve the problem. The same issue has happened again since but still the same "solution"
Feedback Response: Nick, 

Thank you for taking the time to provide feedback, it is always valuable. I have subsequently spoken to the Engineer who helped with this call to try and get a better understanding of the diagnosis process which led to the suggested 'workaround'. Tom tells me that he took a copy of your files and was able to reproduce the issue locally. He wasn't however, able to reproduce after recreating the problematic 'Detail View'. This led him to believe that the problem was a localised anomaly and the best solution in this case was to recreate that View. I understand that he also ran through the SOLIDWORKSRX tool with you and asked that if the problem did reoccur that you used this to capture the problem so we could escalate to SOLIDWORKS on your behalf.   I note no follow up call. If you would like me to re-open this call for you to hav somebody else contact you today. Please contact me directly. 

Wayne Marshall
Customer Support Manager
Took control of my PC and sorted the problem out straight away.
Julie was easy to talk to and very knowledgeable about the SW system. She connected to my machine and sorted out the problem very quickly. Thx.
Good quick service.
Service Rating : These guys are always helpful whether it's a trivial or major query.
Ultimately we were unsuccessful in fixing a .step file import problem but they spent some time with my file confirming my diagnosis.
Product : Nothing is too much trouble.
friendly, and explained everything he was doing as he was doing it
Surface Modelling Training
Service Rating : Communicated well and answered questions readily
Product : Good training material and worked examples.
Essentials Training
Service Rating : Excellent! He was extremely helpful, clear and very approachable.
Product : The course covered a lot of material in a short time frame. The examples were very useful in order to get hands on experience with the learning.
Essentials Training
Delivery of content very high standard. Very knowledgeable on all aspects of the software. Was good at tailoring to my specific needs and relating aspects of the software to what will be useful for me.
Service Rating : John was very knowledgeable and helpful. He found ways to tailor the training to my field.
Thanks John :)
I have also had support from John, Chris and Andy since the course, all very helpful.
Product : Great to have support just an email or phone call away.
Excellent training. Very patient throughout the course - and a lot was required for me as a beginner!
Plastics Standard Simulation Training
Service Rating : Friendly, engaging and very knowlegable
Product : great tool, simple to use - but perhaps for more established SOLIDWORKS users the pace was a little slow. this could probably have been compressed into half a day or less.
Simulation Training
Service Rating : Good set up, very professional and happy to help.
Product : Training was good, covered a lot of areas
Communicated well, understood the problem, changed the required settings/installation, solved the problem.
My system problems were corrected with the minimum of delay.
Weldments Training
Service Rating : Very polite and knew the programme extremely well. was able to answer any technical queries.
Product : Good facilities, well organised.
Plastics Standard Simulation Training
Service Rating : Knowledgeable and able to answer all questions thoroughly. Peter made the class very enjoyable and was able to keep some of the slower moving lessons moving along at a reasonable pace; which was well appreciated.
Product : The course was very useful, and I feel that I am very much ready to go on an use the product with confidence. Some of the lessons were a bit repetitive and could have perhaps been combined together for a fairly advanced group of SOLIDWORKS users; such as the group that were on this particular course.
the support engineer was very helpful and he was very supportive. He knew how to sort out the problem and he done it very fast. Also he explained me every single step in order to understand what he was doing
Essentials Training
Service Rating : A lot of information to get across in the 4 days. Did it well and explaining in detail when questioned
Product : Very good introductory into SOLIDWORKS
Essentials Training
Service Rating : Delivered course at a good pace providing worked examples of each section of the course. Had high level of knowledge of subject matter so was able to provide insights into uses and benefits above and beyond course content.
Product : A fast paced course which could benefit from more time to work through exercises, could benefit from a more interactive training approach. On the whole course provides a detailed insight into the workings of SOLIDWORKS so is well matched to the course title and descriptor.
Plastics Standard Simulation Training
Service Rating : Good at explaining things. Entertaining.
Product : Could have covered the information in less time.
very helpful
the best
Essentials Training
Service Rating : Excellent knowledge and couldn't have been more willing to help or answer questions.
Product : Clean, spacious, logically laid out in front of the board with plenty of space between learners. Very comfortable environment to learn in.
straight forward instructions to resolve the issue I was having.
Simulation Fundamentals Training
Service Rating : Excellent fundamentals/first principles explanations
Covered a large amount of info
Instructor did not adjust the speed of his delivery for the competency of the class, which meant it was difficult to keep up in parts. I had experience of the software so was able to follow but others new to the interface were expected to keep up and could not.
Product : Excellent course, set me up well for understanding the more advanced concepts in the 3 day course over the following days. Would highly recommend anyone else considering skipping this day before doing the simulation 3 day, not to! As the review of first mechanical principles and basic concepts was valuable for full comprehension of the 3 day course.
Essentials Training
Service Rating : Jon a great trainer and put things across really well
also, he had the patience of a Saint !
Product : total newcomer to Solid works, Showed me how to use the basic fundamentals of the software,
Service Rating : The attention to resolving a customers problems is very refreshing to find people that want the best for the customer not just giving a service but ensuring the customer knows what he is doing.
Product : Whilst the problem was not able to be fixed back to the way the software worked originally he explained how to set up the situation in a different way to prevent the problem I had been experiencing.
Essentials Training
Service Rating : Very good support service through sales, the product was demonstrated to us prior to purchasing to show how using SOLIDWORKS could benefit our design team.
Product : 10/10 for the course structure and pace, Jonathon Hall the trainer was very knowledgable about the product, Was also at the course before the specified times to offer further support if required.

Looking forward to returning for some other modules.
Support is very good
Service Rating : The support team member quickly found the solution to my problem.
Product : Quick response and quick solution to my problem.
Service Rating : Very helpful and made it his business to resolve the issue
Product : Suggested many ways to resolve the issue. Maintained proactive contact until issue was resolved.
I always get a solution to the problem. They are friendly and enthusiastic to help. I always like taking to them.
Service Rating : I attended the essentials course run by Tom Watkins. Had a great time Tom made it fun but at the same time was very professional. I learnt so much on the course and I am looking forward to attending more courses
Product : The support team are always helpful and always have a solution to any problem. There service it top notch
Mould Design Training
Service Rating : Excellent!
Product : Very useful and interesting!